How to Install a Wind Solar Hybrid System?

Off grid power generation systems vs. grid connected power generation systems

Compared with the grid-connected power generation system, the cost of the off-grid power generation system is higher than that of the grid-connected power generation system because it needs to be equipped with a battery as an energy storage device. The size of the power generation system generally needs to be smaller than that of the grid connected system, and the power generation efficiency is low, but the off-grid power generation system exists independently from the national grid, which can save the cable lines connected to the power grid, so that the length of the cables used in the entire system is much less than grid-connected power generation system, so the off-grid power generation system can be installed faster and more conveniently on site.

Grid connected system topology diagram

Compared with the traditional solar photovoltaic power generation system and wind power generation system, the solar hybrid system integrates the advantages an characteristics of the two systems, and can simultaneously promote solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation, and make the best use of solar and wind energy resources.

A complete solar hybrid system is mainly composed of five parts: wind turbines, solar panels, controllers, inverters and batteries. Based on these five basic components, solar hybrid systems also have very different advantages. For example, the controller and inverter are centrally installed in an integrated equipment box; or the controller and the battery are glued and sealed together and installed on the back of the solar panel to reduce costs.

Wind-solar hybrid power supply system

3 Ways to Install a Solar Hybrid System

Tower Installation

The tower installation is mainly suitable for the installation environment where the transmission line or the forest environment base is unstable, which can resist the resonance force generated by the wind power generation during operation to the greatest extent. Under normal circumstances, in the tower installation, the installation height of the solar panel is 3m above the ground, but it needs to be higher than the surrounding obstructions; the installation height of the fan is 6m perpendicular to the ground, and at the same time it is higher than the surrounding cover to avoid the wind being too low.

Floor mounting

Floor installation, floor installation is mainly for high-power power generation systems. Foor installation only refers to the installation of solar panels directly on the ground through specially arranged brackets; while wind turbines are installed by inclined rods, through a The main rod and three sub-rods are fixed. The system using floor installation generally requires more than 15 solar panels in a single point, so the space required for this installation method is much larger, and because a large amount of concrete is required as the material to build the foundation, the cost required for floor installation is caused It is the highest of the three installation methods.

Pole installation

Pole installation is mainly suitable for low-power systems and the environment where the crane can work. Pole installation requires very little space because there is only one pole, and the speed of installation and the difficulty of transportation are also very low. However, because there is only one pole, the pole installation has a weak ability to resist the resonance force generated by the wind turbine during operation, and cannot undertake high-power wind turbines and solar panels. But the pole installation is the most convenient and the lowest cost among the three installation methods.

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