How to Install Solar Panels on a Sloping Roof?

A great feature of solar panels, is the ability of installing them in different ways and in different places. We can install them on the ground, or on the roof, and even the roof is flat or pitched, we can install them on it, without any issue at all.

Some people believes that we should installĀ solar panels on pitched roof to reap their benefits, but we can confirm that installing the solar panels on flat roof will be okay, and moreover, it is preferred for many cases, because flat roof enhance the solar panels ability to get much amount of sun light, so it generate electricity with the best efficiency, in other word, when installing solar panels on flat roof, we are free to face the solar panel to the best sunlight direction, with the best inclination angle. The fact is the flat roof is the excellent place to install solar panels, while the pitched roof in the more common, so in both installation arrangements, the solar system will work according to our design to get the highest efficiency.

Install solar-panel on pitched roof

Although flat roof is better as we clarified above, many solar installers refuse to install flat roof solar panels system, because they always have stock of pitched roof solar system components. But it is Not an issue, easily you can do some extra effort to find out flat roof solar system installers, and you will find them of sure, just shop around to get even the best of them. And once you find the best installer, you can go ahead with him, and get the exceptional output power benefits of flat roof.

In case of pitched roof installation, solar system installers will factor their design in both roof angle, and roof direction, so the homeowner will ensure the best performance of their solar system, and they will be aware of the approximate harvest they will get. While in flat roof installation, you can choose from versatile setting, and installation process will be easier, so there is No difficulties nor issues at all, in the same time, we shall get the best electricity production as well.

One more advantage for flat roof over the pitched roof is the better performance for flat roof in case of potential shading coming from trees or any other outer obstacles, flat roof is doing better as it is more flexible in void shadows.

At the end, we can say that there are some factors to consider when choosing solar panels installation on flat roof or pitched roof.

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