How to Maintain Solar Power System?

The maintenance of the solar power system is divided into daily inspection and regular maintenance. Maintenance personnel must have professional knowledge, a high sense of responsibility and a serious attitude. The overall operation of the photovoltaic power system should be checked every day, and the display data of the equipment and measuring instruments should be carefully observed. Patrol inspections should be carried out regularly, and inspection records should be kept.

Solar power system daily inspection

Solar Power System Daily Inspection

During the normal operation of the solar power system, daily inspection is essential. Generally, the system with a capacity greater than 20kW should be equipped with an inspector, and the system with a capacity less than 20kW can be inspected by the user. Daily inspections are generally carried out once a day or every shift. The contents of daily inspection are as follows.

  • Observe whether the surface of the solar panel is clean, remove dust and dirt in time, rinse with clean water or wipe with a clean rag, but do not use chemical reagents to clean. Check to see if the panel wiring is disconnected.
  • Observe the appearance of all equipment for corrosion, damage, etc., touch the equipment shell with the back of the hand to check whether there is abnormal temperature, check whether the exposed wires have insulation aging, mechanical damage, and whether there is water in the box. Check whether there are other situations such as intrusion of small animals on the equipment. Whether there is any abnormal sound when the equipment is running, and whether there is any peculiar smell in the operating environment. If there is, the reason should be found out and effective measures should be taken immediately to solve it.
  • If a serious abnormality is found, in addition to immediately cutting off the power supply and taking effective measures, it is also necessary to report to the relevant personnel and make records at the same time.
  • Observe whether the outer casing of the battery is deformed or cracked, and whether there is liquid leakage. Whether the charging and discharging state is good, and whether the charging current is appropriate. Check whether the ambient temperature and ventilation are good, and keep the room clean, and whether there is dirt and dust outside the battery.

Solar power system regular maintenance

Solar Power System Regular Maintenance

In addition to daily inspection, the solar power generation system also needs regular maintenance by professionals. Regular maintenance is generally carried out once a month or every half month.

  • Check and understand the operation records, and analyze the operation of the solar power system. Maintenance personnel should judge the operating status of the photovoltaic system, and if problems are found, professional maintenance and guidance shall be conducted immediately.
  • Check the appearance and interior of the equipment, mainly involving moving and connecting some wires, especially wires with high current density, power devices, places that are easy to corrode, etc.
  • The inverter cooling fans should be cleaned regularly and checked for proper operation. Regularly remove the dust inside the inverter, check whether the screws of each terminal are fastened, whether there are any components damaged by overheating, and check whether the wires are aging.
    Regularly check and maintain the relative density of battery electrolyte, and replace damaged batteries in time.
  • When conditions permit, infrared detection methods can be used to check solar panels, circuits and electrical equipment to find out abnormal heat and fault points, and solve them in time.
  • The insulation resistance and grounding resistance of the photovoltaic power system should be checked and tested once a year, and the power quality and protection function of the inverter control device should be checked and tested once a year. All records, especially professional inspection records, should be archived for safekeeping.

In a word, the inspection, management and maintenance of solar power system is the key to ensure the normal operation. Only when problems are found and solved in time can the system be in a long-term stable operation state.

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