How to Monitor Solar PV System inside your House?

Monitoring the solar Photo-Voltaic system is a very important matter because it shows you how much electricity saving you got from your solar system, in addition, it assists you knowing if the system is running properly producing its rated power or it may have a fault, so you can take a rapid troubleshooting action. Here we shall introduce number of monitoring ways to be aware about and to install the most appropriate based on your requirements, as following:

  1. You can monitor How to Monitor Solar Photo-Voltaic Systemthe system daily by taking the reading out from the inverter LCD display directly. All solar inverters on the market have this feature, and you can check your inverter user manual
     yourself to know what parameters it displays on the LCD. By this way, you can get number of important readouts like: How much electricity the system generated since its first installation? How much electricity produced daily? And what power produced at the moment you look at inverter screen? These data not only shown on the display, but it also recorded inside the inverter, so you can see average readouts for all for one day or one week or even one month. Consequently, you can verify your system performance.
  2. You can monitor the solar system via computer or laptop. Most or even all solar inverters brands nowadays come with laptop connectivity option, and the computer software will be able to download all details/measurements to show how good the system performance is.
  3. You can monitor the solar system via Bluetooth option. Some solar inverters brands nowadays have Bluetooth option, and software to be downloaded in your smart phone, so, the data and measurements can be transferred to your phone.
  4. You can monitor the solar system via wireless or Bluetooth top monitor. All the data will be showed on large display, like the system output, daily profile and total energy yield.

For each solar inverter brand, you will have one or more of these options, so you with the assistance of your solar system installer can select available monitoring option during solar inverter purchase process, and according to your needs.

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