How to Protect Solar Panels from Bad Weather?

Installing solar panels in your facility whether its commercial or residential is actually a great project, but it is also an expensive project. The solar panel generally works fine in bad weather with snow, rain and very hot sun, so there in No much worry about bad weather side effects, but when the weather is getting sever, there may be a little worry.
Although the solar panels are designed to work outside with a good capability to withstand bad weathers and with a life span of about 26 years, but with very bad weather in harsh areas, their life time may be affected. So, and because the solar panels system is expensive, and may be in some cases, it’s the main way of electricity generation, it is a must to protect them from bad weather.

Solar panel efficiency

One of solar panels protection ways, is to make sure doing the regular maintenance, starting form cleaning process, tighten connections, etc., because if there is any leaves on the solar panels like snow or dirt, then this will harm them. Actually, there is No need to make solar panels cleaning all the time, but we recommend to do it once per month or may be less than one month, according to your environment conditions.

A second way of protecting the solar panels, is to cover them by a thin protective cover, that is thin enough to avoid messing up solar power harnessing.

A third way of protecting the solar panels, is to make an insurance on them, like you do for your car or house. Because we invest much money in solar panels project, so actually it is worth this.

The fourth way of solar panels protection, is to keep informed on weather conditions predictions and whether there will be any bad weather condition coming soon, it will be much better if you can make some kind of registration in programs sending you an alert or message in daily basis, so you will be one step ahead.

Installing solar panels system is a very perfect idea with many technical and economic advantages to you, but some people will scare on their invested money of being the solar panels destroyed early, but with knowing how to protect the system, you will be rest assured getting the best investment.

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