How to Reduce Electricity Usage at Home?

Of course, using solar photovoltaic system will substantially reduce our electricity bill sand may eliminate them totally, but we can also reduce electricity bills by reviewing our power consumption to reduce electricity usage and electrical losse. Let us introduce nine tips and approaches to achieve that:

  • Replace your bulbs whether they are incandescent or halogen to led lights, as this will achieve 75% energy consumption reduction.
  • Switch off appliances which are on standby mode and not actually used like old air conditioner which pulls large power in standby and like television & mobile charger, etc. All should be switched off when we do not use them.
  • Try to keep heating and cooling in your premises by insulating walls, floor, ceiling and check doors/windows to make sure all are tight/sealed and no losses. This will reduce air conditioner operation periods and number of starting.
  • Try to use natural cooling and heating sources like opening windows on summer and exposure to sun in winter.
  • Use higher efficient appliances and electrical equipment in your premises, as for example new efficient air conditioner uses approx. 20% less electricity than older models.
  • Use solar water pump to heat your water instead of electric heater which uses four times more electricity than heat pump system.
  • In summer use shutters and curtains on windows to keep the sun radiation out, so keeping your premises temperature without switching on the air conditioner.
  • In washing try to use the cold water, and do not switch on heater in your washing machine as it pulls high electrical power. When drying, try to use sun to dry your clothes instead of powering on your electrical dryer which pulls high electrical power as well. For each appliance or electrical equipment you tend to purchase, check its energy efficiency label, so can purchase the higher efficient (lower electricity consumption). You will find the energy efficiency label stick to the equipment body, and if not found then you can ask equipment supplier/manufacturer about it. Also, do not put the fridge next to the oven/stove as this will make the fridge compressor to run for long period.

How to save electricity bill

Following the above-mentioned recommendations will assist in reducing electricity bill. And adding solar photovoltaic system will make higher substantial saving as well. So, to gain dramatic electricity saving, you can do both if you will be economically able to do so.

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