How To Remove Snow From Solar Panels?

There are incredible benefits we can get from solar panels, in addition, they represent a sustainable energy source and we can actually say, they represent the energy future in the world. As solar panels are exposed to direct weather (sun, wind, dust, snow, etc.), there are some disruptions affecting their life span and efficiency. One of these disruptions is the snow which will block the sunlight to hit solar panels, so they can not do their job, especially if the solar panels are on your roof.

There are some important ways to remove such snow and re-get the electrical energy flowing in the system as follows:

First Way: Use a shovel to remove the snow, and you can purchase it from any online store, it will be long and flexible, so it can reach the whole solar panel's system surfaces. However, there will be a danger of snow falling down unless it’s some kind of powder.

Second Way: Make your solar panels on an angle, so the gravity will push the snow down, in other words, make the solar panels on a high tilt angle, so the snow can fall quickly. Actually, this technique will need to install solar panels on a tilted rack system.

Third Way: Spray the snow with water, and in this case, you will need a water hose, but this technique depends on the environmental temperature, and the roof height, if the environmental temperature is above freezing temperature, and your roof height is Not so high, then you can use even your garden hose to spay water on the snow to melt it quickly.

Fourth Way: Let us make the sun melt the snow, so we save money and effort. The snow will eventually be melt and fall down by nature and without intervention from you, the only concern with this approach, is that it takes time for the snow to melt, so we lose electrical generating energy during this time which will cost us some money, but this cost is very low if we compare to the cost of hiring someone to remove the snow manually, or. etc. Just you have to wait, and nature will do the job for you free of charge.

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