Importance of Blade Maintenance in Wind Turbine

Within the scope of blade maintenance, we can distinguish between preventive and corrective maintenance. The first is to implement periodic inspections to determine the state of the blade and to detect the presence of various damages or damages that require attention; minor damage (chipping, coating, surface cracks, oil or oil stains, etc.), severe damage (rolling damage, stringer removal, lightning strike, etc.)

Wind turbine blade maintainIn order to achieve preventive maintenance, there are currently different methods to correctly collect data that, after thorough analysis, will result in the intact state of the blade. Among the different inspection methods, we can focus on the following and more common methods:

  • High precision telephoto inspection from the ground.
  • Vertical inspection by rope.
  • Check by crane or lifting platform.
  • Drone remote inspection.

Each type of inspection has a number of advantages and disadvantages, including level of operation, speed of execution, cost, and results obtained. In the scope of preventive maintenance, we can include other tasks such as cleaning of supplementary materials (vortex generators, receivers, etc.) and polishing, painting, substitution to ensure and optimize blade efficiency throughout the life of the blade. Its maintenance and maintenance to maintain the best power curve throughout the operation cycle.

With regard to the cleaning of wind turbine blades, it is estimated that in parks where these types of surface defects are heavily controlled, good results can be achieved through appropriate preventive maintenance.

There are other methods that are commonly used to detect more severe damage, and we can think of them as non-destructive methods for surface analysis. We're talking about using thermal imaging, ultrasound and coin tapping. These more complex inspection methods are commonly used to detect internal damage to valves and beams, absence of adhesive in joints, etc.

Corrective maintenance, on the other hand, is characterized by the repair and/or reconstruction of blades and nacreages, mainly due to surface defects, severe damage, structural defects, lightning strike, bird strike damage, etc, collected during various processes, check the program.

Experts stress the importance and necessity of carrying out appropriate preventive maintenance to ensure the health and longevity of wind turbines, thus avoiding the need for corrective maintenance, which is more expensive and complex, while being harmful to wind turbines. In this way, we can run wind turbines better, improve their efficiency, and have an impact on the larger economy.

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