Is it Expensive to Install Solar Panels on Pitched Roof than Flat Roof?

Solar system installation costs will differ based on whether we install the system on a flat roof or a pitched roof. When we break down our solar system installation costs, we shall find that approximately 10% of total costs will go to labor installation cost.

Actually, the labor costs will be higher in case of pitched roof, because there will be some danger in climbing on them, in addition, there will be much safety requirements for solar installers which will add extra costs, while in a flat roof, the installers will work in a safe area, so they walk around and do their duties with No concerns and with No need to much safety equipment, so it makes sense that the installation costs will be higher incase of pitched roof.

Solar panels on pitched roof

However, we unfortunately do not observe big difference in overall solar system installation costs between flat and pitched roof, because the flat roof will need extra special installation hardware to face the solar system right direction to the sun light, and to make the optimum inclination angle, so can get the best output electrical energy.

When we install the pitched roof, we drill holes into the roof for mounting the solar panels, but we cannot do this when installing the solar panels on the flat roof, because it will be difficult to drill into the flat roof, so the mounting in case of pitched roof will be stronger, and consequently safer. We always use special mounting hardware to make it possible installing the solar panels on the flat roof without drilling. Also, we sometimes use concrete blocks with solar system installation hardware in case of flat roof to make the solar system securely stay in place. Depending on the type of flat roof, we may need to make combination of concrete block and holes (if possible) to secure the solar panels.

Consequently, finding the best solar system installer will be very important, because he is the only one that can provide best technical and economical installation plan for our roof type.

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