Is your Solar Panel Water Proof?

The solar panel is an electronic equipment which stays all its life time outside, subjected to outdoor weather conditions of sun, dusty wind and rains, in addition, the expected life time of solar panel is high, around 25-30 years or even more, and, as we want to be sure that it will work for such long time without damage, the solar panel must be water proof otherwise it will be damaged once for example it gets rained on. Fortunately, all solar panels are designed and manufactured to be protected by many water proofing measures, actually it has a special strong sealant and a glass cover preventing water entering internally in case of even strong/much rains.

Solar panel and metal roof

Be rest assured that for any purchased solar panel brand from the market, it will be normally waterproof, and even its somehow damaged by water, you can contact its manufacturer/supplier getting a replacement free of charge, as it covered by a warranty period of Not less than 10-15 years. The internal water proofing components inside the solar panel need to be of high quality to last such long time, so we can say that good brand solar panel water proofing system will last more than 20 years with no problems at all. However, there are some ways to increase your solar panel life time by reinforcing its waterproof capability.

One of the important ways to support solar panel against water damage is the pitched roof or pitched mounting structure, which your solar installer will take care about when setting up your solar system, surely he will take care of adjusting the solar panel slant, to push rains water out, preventing it from staying on solar panel surface for a long time, so keeping solar panel internal structure safe and without harm. A second way to improve waterproof feature of the solar panel is to raise the waterproof seal (a barrier keeping the water out).

Generally, the solar panel is waterproof, and no worries of water damages risk, it even can be submerged with no harm, as long as it’s of high quality and good brand. The solar panel is protected by aluminum frame, glass, and aback panel which is vacuum sealed. So, you do Not be stressed out about solar panel waterproof protection feature. offers 30W, 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W and 120W solar panels. The portable solar panels can be paired with portable generators of different wattages, durable and waterproof, long life and water resistance, perfect for outdoor use. Solar generators and portable solar panels can be used for camping.

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