How Much does Solar Photovoltaic System Cost?

In addition to some other costs that must be noted, there are 2 main categories of costs associated with the installation of solar PV systems, as they may not be identified prior to installation and suddenly discovered after installation.

For these 2 major categories of costs, the main ones are as follows.

Both grid-tied and off-grid, even micro-grid inverters and their accessories such as connection cables, switches, junction boxes, charge controllers, mounting brackets, solar converters, etc.

  • Installation and process costs

These costs will vary depending on your roof type, height, location of your house, proximity to the solar company's address, and depending on the company's experience, time in the market, and a solar company. They have ISO/Quality Assurance/Credit. Some solar companies offer you an installation cost that will cover the above 2 points, but not the installation cost of the meter or the purchase cost of the additional solar converter, as the meter must be installed by a qualified technician and under the supervision of the electrical department. The installation cost of the electric meter varies depending on the requirements of the meter, so you must consider/discreet the cost and discuss with the solar company to get the complete solar system installation cost.

Solar photovoltaic system

The solar system process has a warranty period, which means that a technician/engineer from the solar company can come to your site and perform the necessary work (if any) at no charge, based on the contractual warranty period set by the installing solar company. The validity of this warranty is usually set by your country/government. The process of solar energy systems is one aspect you must consider. You must contact the solar company prior to installation. Understanding these hidden costs before installing a solar system will help you conduct a good economic feasibility study and enlighten you on the ROI and payback period of your solar system project.

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