Power Inverter Troubleshooting

If you live in a remote place with only DC power, then an inverter is essential. This also applies if you are camping in an RV or have only an SUV for power. Power inverters or digital inverters are very effective when using the battery as a larger power source. They will help you convert DC power from your car battery to AC power and allow you to charge devices, run your laptop, and more.

However, if you end up with a faulty power inverter and have no choice but to repair it yourself, this article will help you understand how inverters work and you will also go through the process that should be followed to repair it. Stick to this process and get your power inverter repaired yourself.

What is a power inverter?

What is an inverter? A power inverter is a power converter device that converts DC power from a battery to AC power. It is an oscillator that quickly switches the polarity setting from DC to AC and produces a square wave. With a power inverter, you can use devices that require AC power instead of DC power. You can get 220 or 240 volt current output from the inverter to help you run any type of equipment.Power inverter

How to repair the power inverter?

  • Troubleshoot the faulty power switch
    When the inverter does not start when the power switch is pressed, the switch may be the problem! First, you must check if it is OK and the process is simple. Unplug the power inverter from its power supply, plug another device into it, and turn it on. If it does not turn on, you must replace the power switch. Call a professional electrician and get a replacement unit for the switch to make the change. If you have no problem doing it yourself, you can also replace it yourself.

  • Check the battery connection
    If you have been using the setting for a long time and the inverter does not work or does not turn on, the fault may be battery related. In most cases, the problem is a loose connection to the battery, which requires you to clean and tighten it. If the problem is not the connector, the battery may be rusted or corroded. Check the battery and check for corrosion, if there is corrosion, disconnect and remove the battery and clean it. To clean it, take some baking soda, mix it with hot water, take a stiff toothbrush and scrub the terminals with it after dipping it into the mixture. After removing the corrosion, clean the connectors and dry them with a paper towel. Reconnect them and try to turn the inverter again.
  • Discharged or faulty batteries
    When your power inverter does not work, the fault may not lie with the inverter at all. The problem may also be with the battery, especially if you run it for a long time. The battery may have been weakened and discharged quickly, or there may be an internal fault. If your battery is low, you may have to replace it or repair it if possible. If the battery is a lead-acid battery and has run out of acid, you must replace the acid, and that will be sufficient.

  • Diagnosing the inverter
    If the problem is not with the power switch or the battery, it may be with the inverter itself, and you must perform a diagnosis to fix the problem. After understanding how the system works, the best way to do this is to get a diagram of the inverter. Once you have the diagram, you can check the contact points one by one after opening the housing. If you find that the contact points look good, proceed with the rest of the components. You must test the voltmeter, then the other components. Take extra safety precautions to ensure that you are out of danger by first disconnecting it from all equipment.

  • Testing the inverter
    Once you have installed the new components onto the old defective ones, and shouldered in those places if necessary, it is now time to test. Connect the inverter to the battery and plug it into a controlled and limited power source, such as a low-voltage lamp. Now, use a voltmeter to get a reading on the inverter output to see if it is working properly. If everything is working properly, the machine should work and the lights should come on. 


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