Precautions for Handling Broken Solar Panel

It's a common misconception that once a solar panel is broken, it can't work, and therefore can't generate any electricity, but this experiment shows that's where the danger begins.

How scary are solar panels? We took a damaged components to do the experiment, the photovoltaic modules, dense, crack, there are many staff to solar panels are connected to circuit, damaged the photovoltaic modules output 9 Ann's current, voltage is 650V, it is fatal to human body, and also can produce the same as the flame between positive and negative wire of electric arc.

Solar panel handling precautions

If only the surface toughened glass is damaged, it does not affect the battery, the panel can output power is normal, if the battery is also damaged, it can not be used? We also considered the problem, they prepared a was burned in the fire more than half of solar panels, but test found that the panel is still leakage, and the voltage between the 12V to 15V, 12V voltage under the action of water flow to jump to 300V, so the solar panel once break, will pay attention to, don't wash with water.

Precautions for Handling:

  • When solar panels are damaged and piled up with debris such as houses, they may generate electricity when sunlight hits them, and they may be electrocuted when touched by bare hands.
  • Don't touch with bare hands.
  • In the process of rescue and recovery work to contact the damaged solar panels, wear dry wire gloves or rubber gloves and other insulating gloves.
  • When multiple solar panels are connected with cables, unplug or cut off the connected cables. If possible, cover the panels with blue tarpaulin or cardboard, or face down to avoid sunlight.
  • If possible, wrap the exposed copper wire in the cable section with plastic tape.
  • When the solar panels are transported to the abandoned place, be careful to smash the glass with a hammer. In addition, the components of the panel are as follows: semi-strengthened glass (thickness of about 3 mm), battery unit (silicon plate: 10-15 cm square, 0.2-0.4 mm thick, silver electrode, solder, copper foil, etc), transparent resin, white resin plate, metal frame (mainly aluminum), wiring materials, resin box, etc.
  • At night and after sunset, when the sun is not shining, although the solar panels do not generate electricity, they should operate the same as when the sun shines.
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