Solar Inverter Applications

The solar inverter is a device that can convert 12V/24V DC power into 220V AC current. It is used for general electrical appliances. The solar inverter is a convenient power converter. So what are the applicable scopes of solar inverters?

Outdoor equipment

In outdoor activities, most of the power is supplied by digital electronic products such as lighting, fans, tablets and mobile phones. TheĀ solar inverter adopts a portable design, which has the characteristics of small size, light quality, high performance, strong practicability, and durability.


Household equipment

Usually direct current is directly converted into alternating current, and then power is supplied to the device. Electrical appliances that can be used include desk lamps, fans, computers, rice cookers, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, soybean milk makers, electric kettles, ovens, projectors, and hair dryers, induction cooker and most other household appliances.

Farm and pasture

Irrigation is a particularly important job in the agricultural industry, especially in arid areas, where water sources are relatively limited, but in addition, the light intensity and time in arid climates are high, so it is suitable to use solar power generation systems to efficiently carry out farm work.

The use of solar photovoltaic panels to absorb light radiation, with the help of inverter conversion, directly supplies power to agricultural equipment, so that farm work is no longer limited by distance, terrain and power, which greatly reduces agricultural operating costs, which is ideal. The integrated green new technology energy that integrates economy, reliability and environmental protection benefits.

Remote areas

It is suitable for small and medium-sized households, especially those in remote villages, plateau areas, mountains, islands, farming and pastoral areas, border guard posts, etc. that are far away from the power grid or in areas with underdeveloped electricity. They do not need to be integrated into the power grid, implementation of the solution to solve the basic living electricity for the military and civilians in areas without electricity.

Power generation field

Solar power generation can be installed in a portable way and does not easily occupy too much soil resources. It has the characteristics of cost saving, safe and reliable power generation, etc. In addition, it can effectively reduce the cost of energy input such as communication bases and monitoring systems, and reduce carbon emissions to minimize energy costs. Invest in and reduce your environmental impact.


With the help of installing solar power generation systems, it can provide power protection for RVs, ships and other means of transportation. Use solar panels to absorb the sun's light, charge the reserve battery, and then convert it to AC current for daily use with the help of an inverter. The system has simple design, easy installation, easy transportation, zero pollution, no noise, green energy, safe and reliable operation, and the solar power supply system is stable and reliable, and can meet power problems at any time.

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