Solar Inverter Monitoring Options

There are many different solar photo-voltaic monitoring systems in the market, and the basic element which doing such monitoring is the solar inverter itself. So, the solar inverter usually comes with some monitoring levels starting from simple convenient level to sophisticated level.

What we mean by simple convenient monitoring level, is that you can straight go forward to monitor the photovoltaic system performance from the inverter monitoring display/screen, getting required details. As most or even all solar inverters brands on the market will easily show you 4 parameters on its display:

  1. The electricity amount (kWh) the solar system generates at the moment.
  2. The electricity amount (kWh) the solar system generates on the day.
  3. The electricity amount (kWh) the solar system generates on the previous month.
  4. Some other useful electrical parameters, like voltage, current and temperature measurements.

Of course you have to monitor your solar photovoltaic system continuously and periodically, so you can know if there a fault in the solar system or it works normally.

The highest level of solar monitoring system, is to have remote monitoring software, so you can monitor the system remotely via your Mobile or laptop. Of course this option will add extra price on the inverter main price, it’s usually about 500USD over the inverter cost, but this is a well worth investment because you will be able to access to your solar system performance immediately via your laptop or mobile. You may look at monitoring system price as a considerable value to be saved if you do not use it, but actually delaying in acquiring your solar system performance data will cost you so much over the long life span of the solar system in term of losing considerable amount of electrical energy.

Our recommendations to you is to read your solar inverter user manual before purchasing it, so you can see and find out all available monitoring options, then discuss with your solar installer in which option will be most suitable for you, and finally you can go ahead and select the right monitoring option.

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