Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Since the existence of life on earth, the sun has been continuously bringing energy to the earth. In order to make reasonable use of these inexhaustible energy, solar power generation is quietly emerging as a new type of renewable energy. Today, the solar photovoltaic power generation market is booming, and various solar energy products appear in our lives. But you must know that although solar panels are easy to use, solar photovoltaic panels require a lot of effort to maintain. The following are the tips for solar panel maintenance and cleaning.Solar panel maintenance

How to Maintain Solar Panels?

First, read the instructions of the solar photovoltaic power generation panel carefully. Periodically inspect and maintain PV components according to the instructions.

  • When used for a long time, the solar panels ccumulate dust or snow, which reduces the photoelectric conversion rate and causes insufficient charging. It should be cleaned up in time.
  • Check the battery board for damage.
  • Check whether the connection and ground wire in the solar panel junction box are in good contact and whether there is any abnormality.
  • Check if there is any heat in the wiring of the combiner box.
  • Check whether there are obstructions on the surface of the solar panel.
  • Check for loose or broken solar panel brackets.
  • In windy weather, the panels and brackets should be carefully inspected, and the panels should be cleaned in time to avoid snow and ice on the surface of the panels.

Cleaning Tips for Solar Panel

The solar panel should be kept clean. If there is a lot of dust or pollutants such as bird droppings, it is likely to affect its performance. When cleaning solar panels, it is recommended to:

  • Clean the components in the morning or late afternoon to avoid electric shock in high temperature and strong light.
  • Clean up the sundries blocking the components in time, and remove the possible damage to the components in time.
  • In areas with high levels of dustfall, solar panels should be wiped more frequently.
  • In areas with heavy snowfall, the snow should be removed in time to avoid affecting the average power generation and uneven shading after the snow melts;
  • Use a soft brush and clean water when cleaning the glass surface of photovoltaic modules. Avoid damaging the glass surface when cleaning. For components with coated glass, pay attention to the coating layer.

Reasonable and regular cleaning of solar photovoltaic panels plays an important role in the power generation and life of the home solar power system.

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