Solar Power System Electrical Circuits Safety

Attention to safety rules when installing our new solar photovoltaic system is very important and commitment with such rules will protect us from many troubles and dangerous matters we may face in the future.

Safety rules will guide in making our whole solar system to be well cabled together and having the appropriate and correct size protection devices/fuses, in addition to good labeling and the existing of the operating manuals for all solar system components according to international and local standards.

One of safety rules, is that DC solar cables must be well distinguished from regular household cables, so it should be well marked/labelled, so in the future the electrician will not confuse inadvertently between them.

Another safety rule, is to secure the solar system cables with metal clamps on the roof top, so it will be protected from damage that may happen due to rodents or wind or due to inadvertently sitting cable in pooled water.

Generally, all cables connectors used in the solar system must be matched by the manufacturer/brand. However, most solar system standards released in the past and those new updated standards, they all require the connectors of the solar panel power inverter to be of the same manufacturer to confirm more compatibility, along with the adherence of the testing standards.

One of solar photo-voltaic system problems is the solar panels cables plugs crimping, because these plugs will have higher voltage in that case, so its recommended to do the cables plugs properly with more care if no way and you have to do such crimping on the site.

Many safety rules in the solar power system we have to commit with, and what listed aforementioned are just a few. Many others will be provided by a certified solar system installer who will look at an execute all in the site, and then issue a certificate of compliance under his own license. Of course, for us we have to keep a copy of such compliance and safety certificates along with the operating manuals for all solar system components, and warranty certificate.

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