The Best Place to Install the Solar Inverter

The solar inverter is the main part of the solar photovoltaic system, so taking care about the best installation position is important to achieve more efficiency, reliability and longer life span for not only the solar inverter, but for the whole solar photovoltaic system.

Solar Grid Tie Inverter and Single Phase Grid Tie Solar Inverter

The solar inverter is like any electrical machine; It generates heat during its normal operation, and the higher the amount of temperature it releases, the higher losses, which means low operating efficiency. Generally, the solar inverter efficiency is above 90% for all brands/models exist in the solar market, however as a general rule, the lower inverter operating temperature, the higher efficiency it works, and the low stress on its internal components during operation. So, we have to install the solar inverter on a cooled and ventilated location to increase its efficiency and performance.

We have to look into the solar photovoltaic system location, and choose the best installation position, avoiding direct exposed to the sun light, and looking for shaded area with a good ventilation. For example, you can install the solar inverter in the garage as long as it will be away from direct sunlight during the day time. Your solar system installer will recommend the best installation place based on his experience after he will review the installation site/location.

We can confirm that using the high quality solar inverter, with a high water proof protection degree (IP 65 or higher), installing it away from direct sunlight to avoid adding more heat will increase your solar photo voltaic system reliability, efficiency and expected life span. 

So, now we can consider the following aspects when selecting the best place for installing the solar inverter:

  1. Easy accessible location for maintenance and regular checkup.
  2. 10-15 cm free space around all its sides for ventilation and air circulation.
  3. Away from moisture and direct sunlight.
  4. Away from the floor by approx. 1-meter height.
  5. Finding the place for an easy connection with your electrical equipment/power grid.
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