What can solar panel directly connect?

The working principle of solar power system is basically the same. Solar panels absorb the energy of the sun. It is converted into electrical energy and stored in batteries. The inverter converts current into power compatible with electronic equipment. But can you connect the solar panel directly to the load? Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't.

Solar panel connect

Connecting solar energy directly to the load brings many potential problems to electronic products. Let's review the most important reasons.

  • Risk of Overload:

It is likely that the demand will overload the panel. If the load demand is too large, the panel may be overloaded and damaged. In the worst case, the panel and load are damaged.

  • No Load Protection:

Solar panels are exposed to lightning and sudden surges. Nothing can protect your load from charge, overload, sudden surge, sudden power drop and so on. The load is completely exposed to fluctuating current.

  • Limited Power Draw:

The load cannot absorb the maximum energy from the solar panel. This is impossible regardless of the size of the solar panel.

  • Direct Current Only:

Solar panels produce only direct current. Many consumer electronics and appliances operate on AC 220V. If you want to run a kitchen appliance like a refrigerator, you need an inverter and a charging controller, not a direct connection.

  • Wear and Tear:

Direct connection requires the loader to unload, reload, restart, restart, etc. This will wear the load, resulting in faster wear and tear.

Motors can withstand current and voltage fluctuations better than electronic equipment, but there are some conditions. Specifically, the rated current of the motor must be higher than that of the solar panel. If the current and power of the solar panel are sufficient, a direct load will work. You only need a DC motor and your water pump can run.

If the rated current of the motor is low and the power generated is less than that of the solar panel, the motor will not run. When measuring the power of solar panels, the peak output is always used to get accurate results.

Solar panel is omnipotent. As long as you know what you're doing, you can deal with different situations.

If you plan to use electronics or appliances with your solar panel, direct load is not desirable. There is no guarantee that it will work, you may damage the panel and or load.

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