What Colleges Can Do to Support Sustainability?

Sustainability means to reduce wastes and lower the emissions for any process/work/application we do. With the way our world currently continues, the fuel, clean water, food and many others will be run out unless we correct huge mistakes we do. We are in a bad need of using renewable energy and applying sustainability in all of our life aspects. And without doing that, our planet will be a destroying thing to human life. All universities, companies, families and individuals have to do their best to change our life towards sustainability in everything, using renewable energies, really, we must make a difference.

Solar panel efficiency

Colleges has an important role in making an impact, and here are some of what they can do to improve sustainability, solving environmental issues, and reduce the footprint as following;

  1. Universities provide supporting programs for sustainability, by encouraging using solar panels, using passive lights "we mean natural light", material recycling, and having gray water system. They try to meet safety standard, and build a healthy and green environment.
  2. Universities usually provide environmental degrees in topics, like renewable energy, sustainability, and environmental aspects. They intend Not to only teach students, but also to spread the knowledge out into the world, and to apply these programs in homes, companies, and other infrastructures.
  3. Universities encourages people to live a greener life-style, providing them new ideas in how to implement them, like using alternative green transportation (using bike), and even to walk if its short distance instead of using the car.
  4. An important way, the universities assist in fighting the climate change is to encourage using alternative power sources, we mean the wide use of renewable energies, like solar energy and wind energy.
  5. College will engage in recycling programs and how to efficiently apply as a part of a comprehensive program.
  6. Universities will encourage using electronics devise in classrooms, like laptop and tablet instead of using paper and pen, to protect our environment from pollution.
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