What Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Battery?

The solar batteries are a main part in the solar off grid system, as they are the main source of power in night time and in cloudy weather time in which there is no sufficient solar energy to power our loads. So, we have to carefully choose the right batteries size, type and quality.

Fortunately, nowadays, we have much developed batteries types that last many years with reliable performance in compared to past years, that is a results of scientists researches and solar batteries manufacturers efforts. There are 6 basics to be well considered when you decide to purchase a solar batteries system to make sure you get the best choice, as following.

UPS inverter solar battery

  1. Solar batteries power capacity. Actually the batteries capacity is measured in Ah (ampere-hour), and you have to make sure that batteries Ah meet your needs. Simple calculation has to be done to indicate the appropriate batteries Ah before purchasing, and such calculation is done based on your electrical equipment/appliances power capacity, and how long you will run them per day.
  2. Batteries charging time. The best solar batteries will charge in few hours, even they are gel or lithium type batteries. The ups inverter is equipped with lithium and lead-acid battery.
  3. Solar batteries installation. The easy you can install, the better the solar batteries are, in other word, you have to choose the easiest solar batteries installation, so even you are not electrician, you will be able to install them safely, of course you have to get installation instruction from batteries supplier.
  4. Budget you consider for purchasing the solar batteries system. It depends on will you purchase batteries that affords long term or short term operating time period, if long term, then would the investment worth such extra paid prices? You have to well consider these factors.
  5. Batteries lifespan. When you will need to replace the batteries is an important factor to consider, and most of regular batteries in the marker has not less than 5 years' lifespan, but if you want long lasting batteries, then you have to plan and check carefully for best reliable brand.
  6. Batteries manufacturer warranty period. Different warranty periods, with different prices will be found in the market, and our advice is to get a battery with a good warranty period to be in safe side, also, check with your supplier the capability of extending such warranty period.
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