What is Solar Panel Cleaning Service?

Solar panelsHiring a cleaning service is the easiest way to clean your solar panels, moreover using the cleaning service provided to you from your original solar panels provider will be better, more economical, and very easy as well.

Most of solar panels suppliers provide the cleaning service fees as a part of their installation package, and that should be listed in the contract signed between the solar panels supplier and the solar system owner. So, its recommended to take care about cleaning service during your solar system purchasing and installation stage. If you already have the solar panels system, and you do not know if you have this service or Not, then simply revise the contract to see if you paid for it or not and how long you paid for.

Usually if you have a roof-top solar panels, you have to consider this service, because the solar professionals are well trained dealing with the solar system, and they have the proper safety equipment specialized for this purpose. The cost of cleaning service will vary from case to case based on your setup and deal with your solar system supplier/installer. If your solar panels installed on the ground, then we recommend to Not pay extra for such cleaning service, and it would be better to do this service yourself unless you own some kind of solar farm or having challenges to do that.

Let us clarify you how to clean your solar panels yourself in a simple, and proper way.

At first, check your solar system manuals, to see if there are any kinds of cleaning instructions or directives or notes. If Not, then No issue, as most of solar panels share the same basic cleaning techniques, and in that case, just get a soapy water bucket and a soft clean sponge, and then start to wipe the panels down with the soapy water, just clean gently and that is all.

Although cleaning solar panels is an easy work, and is Not costly, it represents the main solar system maintenance procedures, that have a very considerable impact on solar system electrical energy generation.

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