What is the Best Angle for Solar Panels?

Our target of installing the solar system is to harvest as much electrical energy as possible to power and run our home appliances, and electronic equipment. However, to do so, there are some factors affecting how much electricity we shall gain, like; solar panels tilt angle, solar panels sun directions, location, surrounding climate, location latitude, and the season. As we know, the tilt angle is the angle that solar panel makes when installed with the horizontal roof or land direction, and it has a significant effect on electrical energy production, so it’s very important to install our solar system with the best tilt angle, it actually makes a huge difference on our solar panels energy generation efficiency if it is calculated and set up properly based on the environment, season and location.

40W portable solar panel

Actually both solar panels sun orientation (the direction that solar system face) and tilt angle affect energy generation, but the orientation has a larger impact.

There is a big effect of different seasons on our solar panels energy production, especially winter, in which the sun will be in lower position in the sky, and the snow may cover solar panels surfaces. These 2 conditions will reduce output power of sure. Dealing with these 2 issues, we can install our solar panels tilt angle lower than location latitude value, so they will face the sun directly, and work more efficiently, it worth to re-adjust the tilt angle in this case, however this position will Not be the best thing for snowaccumulation, as the tilt angle reduced, it prevents the snow from sliding naturally, so the snow stays longer time covering the solar panels surface and reducing electrical energy production. A simple solution for that is to manually clear the snow regularly, but if you can Not, then we recommend to not reduce the tilt angle in winter and keep it same as usual accepting lower energy production in winter, no problem.

Solar system expert’s advice to re adjust the tilt angle seasonally in 4 times in the year; Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, so can get the max energy harvest. The best tilt angle will differ from one country to another, and there is no best angle for all countries and region. Generally, your solar system local experts will provide the optimal title angle range for the best energy production.

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