What is the Peak Output Power of a Power Inverter?

What is an inductive load?

High-power electrical products made by electromagnetic induction, such as motors, compressors, relays, fluorescent lamps, etc., require a much larger operating current than the current required to maintain normal operation during operation, such as a A refrigerator that consumes about 100W of power during normal operation can run more than 900W.

Because the inductive load is connected to the power supply or cut off the power supply, there will be a back EMF voltage, the peak value of such a voltage is much higher than the voltage value that the inverter can carry, it is very easy to cause instantaneous overload of the inverter, affecting the The life cycle of the inverter. Therefore, these types of electrical appliances have higher standards for power supply waveforms.

Power inverter

What is the efficiency of a power inverter?

The power inverter itself consumes part of the power during operation, and its input power is higher than its output power. In other words, the efficiency of theĀ power inverter is the ratio of the input power to the output power of the inverter. An inverter takes in 1000W of DC current and outputs 900W of AC current, so its efficiency is 90%.

What is continuous output power and peak output power?

Some electrical appliances or equipment using motors, such as refrigerators, washing machines, electric drills, etc., require a very large current to advance at the moment of operation. If the operation is successful, only a small current is required to maintain its normal operation. For the device, there is also the concept of continuous output power and peak output power.

The continuous output power is the rated output power, and the peak output power is generally twice the rated output power. It is worth mentioning that the operating current of air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. is equal to 3-9 times the normal operating current. There must be an inverter that can reach the peak power of electrical appliances to ensure normal operation.

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