When Should Not Buy Solar PV Systems?

In some conditions, it does not make sense to buy and install a solar photovoltaic system, so here, we will let you know these conditions as following;

First: When the solar company introduce an offer in which is uncomfortable and you may suspect of it. Unfortunately, some companies try to over promise, oversell and push you into buying their solar system, in that case we strongly feel the solar company will not support us when needed in the future. We have to be careful of the cheap offer, it will incorporate low quality materials.Investment in solar PV systems

Second: If your building/house is heavily shaded. As the shadow will dramatically reduce the solar system generated output electricity. In your vision you have to take care and consider about the impact of the current shadow and the anticipated shadow comes from trees grow or known renovations and extensions in surrounding buildings, that what we called shadow analysis study. It is an important study assisting us deciding whether the solar system will be a good beneficial investment project that worth to proceed or not. One more thing to note, is that in case of locations subjected to such shadow, its recommended to use micro solar inverter, so you can distribute your solar panels power inverter freely and avoid areas with heavy shadow.

Third: It will not be a good time to buy the solar system if your solar company cannot guarantee supplying and installing the solar system in a definite time frame while providing you very good incentives scheme to extent that the solar system becomes very affordable, take care that this is an attempt from the solar company to push you to purchase! So not to overlook the details, it will show you some defects you might not notice them, and at this point you will discover that you can get a better deal from other solar company.  

Fourth: If you will not be at home during the day time, so will not run your heavy power loads like freezer, pool pump, heater and air conditioner during the day time, this means that the electricity generated form the solar system will not be used, so installing solar system will not be right at this time, and it’s better to wait few years so the cost of solar storage system (batteries) at the market will be reduced and be more cost competitive. The solar storage batteries will enable us to storage electricity generated form the solar system at day light and use it at the night in where we shall be in home and wants to run our appliances.

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