When the Solar Inverter Makes Beeping Sound?

Sometimes the solar inverter beeps as a part of its normal operation, other times it beeps to indicate fault condition. So, it’s important to understand these conditions, and to know how to deal with each one. Usually, they are four cases:

Case No 1:

The solar inverter works normally on the AC grid standby supply, and due to AC supply cut off, the solar inverter will transfer to battery operation, the beeping sound will be released at such transition, but it is just an indication, and no problem.

Case No 2:

The solar inverter will beep if the batteries charge goes off, and this is just an indication that the inverter will shut down very soon if the battery has Not been re-charged. Usually the beeping sound will be released before the inverter shutting down by 2-3 minutes and of course the solution of such issue is to re-charge the batteries for few hours.

Case No 3:

The solar inverter will release a beeping sound in case overloading. We mean you are loading the solar inverter with too many appliances and electrical equipment until its load reaches above the solar inverter capacity, so it alarms you with a constant beeping sound. The solution of such issue is to disconnect some non-important loads from the inverter output or to purchase anew larger solar inverter capacity to be sufficient to handle all your loads, as the correct size solar inverter never beeps due to over loading capacity.

Case No 4:

The solar inverter will release the beeping sound when it does a failed self-test. Every certain number of days, the solar inverter makes self-testing, to test batteries integrity, and when the batteries are near to their life end, it will beep. And in that case, the solution is to replace your batteries the soonest to avoid such beeping sound and to achieve reliable operation to your solar system. 

At the end, we can say the beeping sound of the solar inverter will refer to simple issue with simple solution, and if the recommended solution listed above did not solve the issue, then you have to contact with the solar inverter supplier/manufacturer repair center.

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8/5/2022 5:18 AM
My 2000w inverter has stared beeping and a flashing warning triangle has appeared in the led display.  
Any ideas as to why it's stated doing this.
Many Thanks
9/8/2022 6:30 AM
Microtek inverter.    Solar is the continue the inverter
1/28/2023 10:37 PM
Thank you I’ll buy a coupe of batteries
2/27/2023 11:52 AM
your product sucks china
3/13/2023 12:29 AM
Hi my solar makes a Beeb sound even if I change the battery it still beebs