When to Repair or Replace the Solar Panels?

Solar panels are made from crystalline silicon type solar cells . These cells are composed of layers of silicon, phosphorous, and boron (although there are several different types of photovoltaic cells). These cells, once produced, are laid out into a grid pattern. Most of solar photovoltaic system owners do the normal cleaning to their solar panels periodically to ensure getting the prospected electrical energy harvest. But when a big issue happened to the solar panels, you might find yourself have to take a decision whether you need to replace the solar panels or doing a repair with the aid of a solar specialist.Repairing

When such issue happened, you have to hire a solar proficient specialist for your safety, especially if it’s a mechanical issue. And you have to consider of course if you are still under the warranty period or not. As if you are still under warranty period, then your solar panels manufacturer/ supplier will send you a professional to check the issue free of charge according to warranty terms between you, and he will be the most appropriate person to check the cause of such poor performance, because he has all technical details about your solar system.

If the solar system expert/specialist sees that the problem can be solved, then you can go ahead in the repair option, but if he determines they can Not be repaired, the no way, and you have to do the replacement process. What we recommend is to Not trying to do this on your own, because you will put yourself in a danger, and you will be at a risk of voiding the warranty terms, especially it may be a manufacturing defect that causes such issue. In the same time, you have to mind that storms, falling trees branches and any other natural mishap, all these issues will Not be covered by the solar system manufacturer/supplier warranty. So, we advise when purchasing your solar system for the first time to check the supplier/manufacturer for extended warranty period and to pay for that, so you will be in a safe side and protected from such potentials.

Solar panel

One other thing to avoid such issues, is to have home-owner’s insurance, and if it will cover such issue, that would be great, and in that case you have to get all knowledge in who to contact to file a claim if such issues happened, because the less time you get your solar system repaired, the less worry about running your home without a free electrical power.

At the end, we can say that properly knowing how to handle your solar panels issues will resolve them in a timely manner, and also following maintenance practices will help in keeping the system works for many years without any issues.

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