Why are Solar Lights the Best Choice?

As solar light system is considered as one of the best solar system application which save energy and reduce pollution, there are some parameters we have to keep in mind when we decide to purchase such system, so we can get the most reliable, efficient and cost effective solar light, as following:


  • First, solar batteries charge time. Our target is to fully charge batteries in day light, so it will be sufficient to lit the whole solar light system on the night time. So, we have to take care about how long does it take for the batteries to be fully charged in direct and indirect sunlight to be sure we are in safe side.
  • Second, solar system lit hours. We want to be sure that lit hours will be sufficient for our average light needs, so it's important to know how long will our solar system stay lit on batteries full charge.
  • Third, solar lights brightness. We have to know how many lumens will our solar system put out, because with the higher lumens, the brightness will be higher. So in order to judge if the brightness will be sufficient to our application, we have to know the solar light system lumens. Actually for different applications, there will be different lumens requirements.
  • Fourth, automatic switching on and off. The question is, will we be needing monitoring system with sensor to switch on and off the solar lights or we can do that manually? Actually this differs from one application to another, keeping in mind that using automatic switching system will be a bit expensive, but more efficient and more energy consumption saving.
  • Fifth, solar light system mounting. Many mounting options are available on the market, and we choose the best based on our application, and requirements.
  • Sixth, solar light brightness mode. We can design our solar light system to be able to provide different brightness degree, to be one level (bright) or two level (too bright), etc.
  • Seventh, solar light system durability. And it based on the particular manufacturer reputation. In all cases, our solar light system should be durable, to able to withstand harsh weather, wind, rains, and snowfall.

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