Why do You Need Solar System Trackers?

How does a Solar Photovoltaic System WorkTo get the best solar panels installation tilt angle over the day, month and year, we use arising popular devices called solar system trackers. They are able to track sun angle and do automatic re-adjustment to solar panels tilt angle, simply they track the sun progress in the sky, so make a very considerable increase in the solar system output energy. Although, these trackers are very beneficial, they are complex and need to be well understood before deploying.  Let us know their advantages and disadvantages as following;

Solar Trackers Advantages

  1. They produce much electricity than fixed mounting solar system. Because solar panels will be exposed to the direct sun for a very long time, actually we shall harvest 15-25% increase in energy.
  2. With installing solar trackers, we shall Not lose any additional space, because it takes the same installation space of fixed mounting system.
  3. There are 2 types of solar tackers we can use one of them based on our situation (installation size, latitude degree, our weather pattern, etc.); Single axis trackers, and dual axis trackers. So, they enable us managing energy production amount increase.

Solar Trackers Disadvantages

  1. The most obvious disadvantage is that trackers are more expensive than the standard fixed mount system, in addition they are complex and require moving parts.
  2. We can use solar trackers with solar systems with no snow climate or very little snow, so fixed mounting system are more suitable for harsh environmental conditions with snow exist.
  3. They require more maintenance, because it includes a moving parts. But if you purchased a high quality tracking system with a good brand, there would Not be much required maintenance.
  4. Solar Trackers system is more complex, so it requires preparation before installation, and we shall need assistance from solar professionals.

At the end we can say, although solar trackers system is an expensive and complicated system, it deserves to purchase and install, it is really worth to invest in if you are looking to harvest much increase in produced energy from the solar system.

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