Why Metal Roof is the Best Choice for Solar Panel?

Enjoying the benefits of solar energy has never been easier. Continued technological innovation has made solar panels more affordable than ever, with many homeowners opting for solar panels, which can eliminate their financial and maintenance-related responsibilities for panels while cutting home energy bills. The efficiency of a solar power system installed on a roof depends entirely on the quality and longevity of the roof system on which it is installed. When installing solar panels, the quality of the roof matters.

Solar panel and metal roof

Installing a solar installation on a past-looking roof is like building a house on a cracked or crumbling foundation. The structure of the house was damaged and the entire base structural unit required serious repair or replacement. That's why steel and metal roof options make the most sense if you plan to migrate a home's energy system to a PV array.

Racks for placing solar panels are extremely durable and designed to handle strong winds as well as extreme rain and snow conditions. Therefore, it makes sense to install them on roofs that are designed to meet the same conditions, with similar longevity and warranties.

Unfortunately, none of these are the best foundations for building a solar system, especially if the system is retrofitted on a 7+ year old roof. Roofs older than solar panels run the risk of failing before the solar panel racks fail. This can mean that when you do a complete refurbishment or replacement of the roof, it will cost a fortune.

Here are some reasons why metal roofs are considered the best choice for photovoltaic systems.

They are better warranty match. The average lifespan of a solar panel is generally 20 to 25 years. Longer-lived asphalt shingles can have warranties of up to 20 years or so, but warranties typically don't cover high winds, hurricanes, or other extreme actions. Additionally, any major repairs may require deconstruction and reinstallation of the solar panels.

The rack is easily installed on a standing seam metal roof. Most homeowners like the look of standing seam metal roofs, also known as hidden fastener metal roofs because the fasteners are hidden beneath the roof panels. This type of roof system works very well with solar mounts, which provide fastener options that will attach to standing seams. Hidden metal roof, secured at seams with rack locks, preventing any penetrations that would lead to water leaks or premature wear.

Metal roofs can also accommodate laminates. Laminates are another option for solar panels, and thin-film solar panels are attached to the roof surface with an adhesive backing. While they don't produce as much power as crystal panels, they are still capable of producing enough energy.

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