Why Should Maintain Solar Panel?

We all know that solar panels are usually installed on the top of the rv, wind and rain, and long-term exposure to the outdoor environment, dust, sundries inevitably adhere to it, put it on the "thick clothes", resulting in the reduction of its power efficiency. In addition, the load resistance formed by partial shadow occlusion will reduce the power generation, which may even cause a fire for a long time, causing unnecessary trouble. So do solar panels need to be maintained? It will be mentioned in this article.

Solar panel proper maintain

Apart from the main advantage of solar panels; providing us with free electricity, they have another advantage and that is, they actually need a little maintenance as they hardly need any maintenance other than cleaning their surface. This means we have to make sure that the solar panels are clean and free of things like dust, leaves and any other debris, as these things can drastically reduce the output power produced.

Another enemy that reduces solar panel power generation is snow, which creates a barrier between sunlight and the surface of the solar panel. Once we notice a reduction in the output power produced by the solar system, our first step should be to check the surface of the solar panel, usually a quick cleaning will return the solar panel to optimal power generation. Therefore, the installation location of the solar panels should be easily accessible. If you encounter an obstacle while climbing our roof, you must hire a professional maintenance person familiar with this operation so that you will be safe.

Also, placing the solar panel at an angle will keep its surface clean from snow and most debris, a natural self-cleaning feature that will carry away dirt and debris as you will take advantage of rainwater, which will give you a free cleaning process that doesn't require any effort on your part.

Power loss from a solar panel will not just be due to debris or snow or other obstacles, there are other issues that may require more in-depth troubleshooting, so it is highly recommended to install a monitoring system that monitors the output power produced by your solar system and energy and then when observing any irregularities you can take corrective action in time without losing too much power.

Another advantage of the monitoring system is that it will alert you in the event of a solar panel failure, in other words, once the solar panel fails for any reason, the monitoring system will let you know there is a problem. So, you can investigate if there is a barrier preventing sunlight from reaching the solar panels, if not, then you have to call your solar system installer to check the connections, and all other possible causes of this type of problem.

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