Will the Solar Inverter be Noisy?

This is a frequently asked question by many customers when they intend to buy their new solar inverter, especially if they will install the solar inverter near a window or near their bed room or a studying room.

Actually, the high quality manufactured solar inverter is always very quiet, and you will not hear any noise, because it actually made of electronics component and it does Not have an internal transformer inside (transformer-less). On the other side, old solar inverters and cheaper brands produce a noise of buzz and hum, because they have a transformer inside, additionally, this noise will be higher at the time of high loading on the inverter. So, in all cases, and to be aware of how much noise the solar inverter will generate, you have to check the solar inverter name plate "tag" and data sheet to get noise data, then take a decision of purchasing this brand/model or Not according to solar inverter installation location in your facility.

25kW Three Phase Grid Tie Solar Inverter

Solar inverter noise may not be an issue for some of cases, because the inverter will be switched off at the night times, so will Not disturb your sleeping nor studying at night time, however, we still recommend to buy the high quality solar inverter, and not to install it direct inside windows or bedrooms. You have to talk with your solar inverter installer, and suggest him your preferred installation position, also take care it’s Not recommended to install the inverter exposed to direct sun for long times over the day, because this will make it overheated and will affect badly its performance and life span. It will be also more technically and economically better if you install the solar inverter near to or directly beside your electrical switchboard.

Generally, the hum noise that may generate from the solar inverter will be with No effect if we simply place the inverter in a remote place in our homes, like the garage.

The maximum noise generated from central and string solar inverter will be approx. 50-60 decibels, and approx. no noise will be generated from the micro grid solar inverter, however we advise if a noise arise from your solar inverter, then you have to check your manufacturer/installer the soonest.

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