10 Tips for Using a Power Inverter Correctly

Power inverter that converts DC power to AC power provides a great convenience people's lives, especially in home appliances, such as air conditioner, refrigerator, TV, VCR, etc. In order to optimize the use of the inverters in these home appliances, people should pay much attention to proper operation of power inverters. This article will give you some tips how to use the power inverter properly.

1. The DC input voltage of the inverter should be the same as the battery voltage.Every inverter has a value that can be connected to the DC voltage, such as 12 Volts and 24 Volts. The battery voltage should be the same as the DC input voltage of the power inverter.

2. Power inverter output power must be greater than the power of home appliances or electrical devices, especially for the appliances with high starting power, such as refrigerators, air conditioner, etc. When choosing a power inverter, a large margin should be left to avoid the burning of inverter.

Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

3. The positive and negative electrodes of the power inverter must be connected correctly. The DC voltage connection terminal of the inverter is clearly marked positive and negative, red is positive (+), black is negative (-); the battery is also marked positive and negative. When the power inverter is connected to the battery, the positive pole of the inverter should be connected to the positive pole of the battery, and the negative pole of the inverter should be connected to the negative pole of the battery. In addition, the connection line must be thick, and care about the length of the connection.

4. Power inverters must be placed in a well-ventilated, non-humid position, and avoid the rain. It should have a distance of about 20 cm to the surrounding objects, and also keep away from the explosion items. Do not put anything on the inverter or cover other items. The environmental temperature cannot be higher than 40℃.

5. Charging and inverting can not be carried out at the same time. In order to use the power inverter correctly, people can not to apply the inverting and charging at the same time, that is, do not put charging plug into the electrical output of the power inverter, otherwise the inverter will bring itself some damage.

6. Time between two booting should be more than 5 seconds. When in use of power inverter, it should minimize the booting of the inverter. Even encountering the situations requiring constant power, it also need to ensure that the time interval of boot is not less than 5 seconds, otherwise too frequent boot will damage to the device.

Power Inverter Use and Applications

7. Never open the case for any operation. In order to avoid some unexpected inccident occurrence, it is strictly prohibited to open the case and do some operations. Chassis are generally fixed and closed, and few chassis problems will occur. So when using the power inverter, it is strictly prohibited to open the case. When the inverter is suspected to have a fault, please do not continue to operate and use, it should cut off the input and output in time. It should be asked for help the qualified maintenance personnel to check maintenance.

8. Before connecting the input and output of the power inverter, first properly ground the casing of the machine.

9. When the power inverter is connected to the battery, make sure that there is no other metal on the hand, so as to avoid battery short circuit and burn the human body.

10. For the environment conditions of power inverter, the installation environment shall meet the following requirements based on security and performance considerations:

  • Dry: do not soak in water or rain.
  • Cool: the temperature is between 0℃ and 40℃.
  • Ventilation: keep no foreign body on the shell within 5CM and good ventilation on other end faces.


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6/19/2022 5:04 PM
Excellent goods from you, man. I have take note your stuff prior to and you're simply too fantastic.
I really like what you've obtained here, really like what you are saying and the best way through which you assert
it. You are making it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it sensible.

I can't wait to learn much more from you. This is really a terrific website.

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9/8/2022 2:12 PM
Thanks for your lessons.

Please, can I connect my 12v/1000watt power inverter in my car battery while the engine is on. I hope to use it to power my 33watt TV, 40watt fan and 60watt bulb.

Is this possible?


11/22/2022 2:30 PM
To improve understanding an explanation of why a charger for the battery being used for the inverter input should not be plugged into the inverter output would help.  An understanding of why not helps to bring the safety point home.
I cannot think why anyone would wish to wire up such a circuit but if it is physically possible it could happen - maybe by incorrectly selecting a square pin plug.

The only thing I can think is that there would be some electrical feedback loop which would produce the fault.