10 hp Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

10 hp horizontal centrifugal pump is a 3 phase centrifugal water pump, has optional input voltage AC 220V/ 240V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 460V to 480V, optional input frequency 50Hz/60Hz, maximum flow 8.3m3/h (36.5 gpm), maximum head 82m (269ft) and same diameter of inlet and outlet 40mm (1-1/2 inch). 10 hp single end suction centrifugal pump with cheap price can be used for cool water pressurization in air conditioner, refrigeration equipment, bathroom, etc.
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10 hp horizontal centrifugal pump with 8.3m3/h maximum flow, 82m maximum head and 40mm diameter of inlet and outlet.


  1. The centrifugal pump has the horizontal structure. The diameter of the inlet and outlet are the same. If a protective cover is added, it can be used in the open air.
  2. It is easy to install and maintain. No need to dismantle pipeline system, just lifting off the conjunction flat nut of vertical pump. Then all the rotor parts can be taken out.
  3. Horizontal centrifugal pump can be operating in series and parallel connection according to the requirements of flow and head.
  4. The installation angle of pump outlet can be 0°, 90° and 180° to meet different connection occasions.


Model 40-250
Weight 52kg
Size 465*640*330mm
Power 10 hp (7.5kW)
Phase 3 phase
Input voltage * AC 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 480V
Input frequency * 50Hz, 60Hz
Flow (min. flow to max. flow) 4.4m3/h (19.4 gpm, American system) 6.3m3/h (27.7 gpm, American system) 8.3m3/h (36.5 gpm, American system)
Head (max. head to min. head) 82m (269ft) 80m (262ft) 74m (243ft)
Efficiency 24% 28% 28%
Inlet diameter 40mm (1-1/2 inch)
Outlet diameter 40mm (1-1/2 inch)
Installation angle of outlet 0°, 90° and 180°
Nominal diameter of impeller 250mm
Pump type Booster pump
Number of stages Single stage
Motor type Y/Y2 series motor
Motor speed 2900rpm
Impeller material 304/316 stainless steel
Seal material 304 stainless steel, tungsten carbide, fluorine rubber
Inlet max. pressure 1MPa (145 psi)
(NPSH)r 2.3m
Usage Water, or liquids compatible with pump component materials.
1. The volume of solid particles should be less than 0.1% in unit volume, and the granularity should be less than 0.2mm.
2. The temperature should be lower than 60℃.
Environment Temperature: <40℃, humidity: <95%, altitude<1000m
Warranty 12 months

Horizontal centrifugal pump dimension (unit: mm):

Boundary dimension Base dimension Flange dimension
h H L a A L1 B l b h1 4-Φd1 D D1 n-Φd
260 465 640 80 55 450 330 400 230 80 4-Φ14 Φ150 Φ110 4-Φ18

Horizontal centrifugal pump dimensional drawing
Tips: Centrifugal pump troubleshooting - overtemperature
1. Check the centrifugal pump
The selected power doesn't match, just like a little horse pulling a big cart. The motor operates with load for a long period, rising the motor temperature. The start is too frequent, or the motor with fixed short-period or discontinuous working system works continuously. The start-up times should be restricted, thermal protection should be accurately selected, and the fixed amount indicated on the motor should be followed.
2. Check the motor
Wrong wiring. The △ is connected into Y wrongly, causing the rapid temperature rise of the motor. The stator winding has the problem of interphase short circuit, interturn short circuit or local earthing. In not serious condition, the motor is too hot in some parts. In serious condition, the insulation burnt. The cage rotor disconnects or has a defect. After the motor runs for 1 to 2 hours, the iron core rises its temperature rapidly. The ventilation system has fault. Please check if the fan is damaged, if the revolving direction is correct, and if the ventilation pipe is blocked. The bearing wearing, rotor eccentricity results in rotor core collision, and the iron core temperature rises rapidly. In serious conditions, the motor has smoked and even the coil is burnt.
3. Check the power supply
The voltage is higher or lower. Under a specific load, if the voltage variable scope exceeds +10% - -5% of the rated value, the motor will be overheated. The three-phase voltage of the power source is asymmetric. If the imbalance degree of the three-phase voltage exceeds 5%, the winding will be overheated. It has phase-deficient operation. Experience has shown that more than 85% of agricultural motors are burnt due to phase-deficient operation, and the motor should be installed with phase loss protection devices.
4. Reason of the working environment
If the motor winding is wet or has dust or oil being attached on the winding, the insulation will be reduced. The insulation resistance of the motor should be measured, and it is required to conduct regular sweeping and drying treatment. The ambient temperature is too high. When the ambient temperature exceeds 35 °C, the inlet air temperature is high, which will make the temperature of the motor too high. Please take measures to improve the working environment, such as scaffolding. Note: If there is a malfunction due to electrical reasons, the electrician who has obtained the professional qualification certificate is allowed to repair. Those who have little professional knowledge on it are not allowed to repair blindly, so as to avoid personal injury accident.

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