2000 Watt 24V/48V Off Grid Solar Inverter

Low cost 2000W (3000VA) pure sine wave power inverter with battery charging, LCD display, 21-30V (24V) DC/ 42-60V (48V) DC wide range input, transforms DC voltage to 110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC output voltage.
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24 volt/ 48 volt off grid solar inverter/ inverter charger is 2000 watt (3000VA) power, pure sine wave output, available for sensitive load. It is designed with AC priority by default, when AC input is present, the battery will be charged first, and the inverter will transfer the input AC to power the load.


  • Pure sine wave output for compatibility with loads of different types
  • Visualization of operation status of the equipment through a digital LCD
  • Automatically transfer between battery and line modes
  • Pure sine wave output (THD < 3%) for wide range of applications and harsh environment
  • A wide range of input voltage, accurate output and all automatic voltage stabilization
  • Overall protection functions (battery overvoltage protection, battery under voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection)

Parameter List

Model ATO-OGI-2000
Rated capacity 3000VA
Rated power load 2000W
Size 620*270*220mm
Net weight 18kg
Input DC input  DC 21-30V (24V)/ DC 42-60V (48V)
AC input  190-275V AC
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz±5% (Auto)
Output Voltage 110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz±5% (Auto)
Wave form Pure sine wave
Transfer efficiency ≥85% (full load)
Wave form distortion factor ≤3%
Output power load factor ≤0.8
Protection Overload capacity 105-120% at 30s; 120-150% at 10s; >150% at 5s
Low voltage DC 10.5 (12V)/ DC 21 (24V)/ DC 42 (48V)/ DC 84 (96V), Alarm and shut down
High temperature 85℃, Auto shut down after alarm
Short-circuit Automatic shut-down
Over voltage DC 17V (12V)/ DC 33V (24V)/ DC 66V (48V)/ DC 128V (96V), Auto shut down after alarm
Grid charge Charge current 0-30A adjust (It's the current range for charging the battery under (AC) commercial power preferred mode)
Function Setting Time & date setting, Contrast, Brightness, Sound, Voltage switch, Grid charger, Clear records, Reset
Work mode Grid fist/ battery first/ standby mode
LCD display Record (fault record), system information
Others Switch time ≤4ms
Cooling method Fan
Noise <60 dBA
Protection grade IP30
Working temperature -10~50℃
Environment humidity 10%~90% (No condensation)
Working elevation <3000 (>1000m, derating)
Certificate CE, RoHS
Warranty period 12 months

Inverter for Solar Panel System

Off grid inverter for solar panel system


The photovoltaic solar inverters are classified into grid-tie inverters, off-grid inverters, and microgrid energy storage inverters according to their different applications. The grid-tie inverters can be further classified into micro inverters, string-type inverters, concentrated inverters and centralized distributing inverters according to power and usage. The micro inverter has the power class of 180W to 1200W, thus being suitable for small power generation system. The string-type inverter is the single-phase inverter with power from 1kW to 5kW. It is suitable for household power generation system. The three-phase inverter with the grid-tie voltages of 220V, 5kW to 70kW is suitable for industrial and commercial power generation systems. Its on grid voltage is three-phase 380V.

2000 Watt 24V/48V Off Grid Solar Inverter reviews
Good inverter with low price
So far so good! I've had this 2000 watts inverter installed on my off-grid solar system in Mexico for the last 3 weeks and it is working so much better than the last one I had which I paid big money for. This inverter cost a third the price of the fancy ones that some of the people recommend. I researched it and spoke to many people who have used this same inverter for up to 7 years. I hope I am so lucky. I will keep you updated.
Douglas Lewis | 10/23/2019 7:22 PM
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