350 Watt Solar Micro Inverter, Grid-tie Inverter

Buy 350 watt solar micro inverter, grid tie inverter online, it builts in high-performance maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function, has wide range DC input, IP65 waterproof design, can convert 24 volt/ 48 volt DC to 120 volt/ 230 volt AC.
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Reasonable price 24V/ 48V grid tied solar micro inverter, 350W power rating, the built-in MPPT tracking function has an accuracy of over 99.9%, can better track changes in solar luminosity and control different output power, captured and collected sunlight effectively.


  • High performance maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Reverse power transmission
  • Intelligent monitoring management
  • Input/output is fully isolated to protect the electrical safety
  • Multiple parallel stacking
  • Digital control system
  • Simplify maintenance (user serviceable)
  • Operation and maintenance costs low
  • Flexible installation
  • Use the wireless 433MHz communication mode

Parameter List

Input Parameters ATO-WVC-350
Maximum input power 350 Watt
Recommended using solar panels Power 350W, open circuit voltage 36-50VOC
Solar panel open circuit voltage range 36-50VOC
Peak power tracking voltage 24V/ 48V DC, range: 22-50V DC
Min/Max start voltage 22-50V DC
Maximum DC short current 20A
Maximum input current 14A
Automatic shift AC voltage and output Automatic shift local grid voltage
Output Parameters @120V AC @230V AC
Peak output power 350 Watt 350 Watt
Rated output power 350 Watt 350 Watt
Rated output current 2.91A 1.52A
Rated voltage range 80-160V AC 180-280V AC
Rated frequency range 48-51Hz/ 58-61Hz 48-51Hz/ 58-61Hz
Power factor >99% >99%
Maximum units per branch circuit 6PCS (single-phase) 12PCS (single-phase)
Output Efficiency @120V AC @230V AC
Static MPPT efficiency 99.5% 99.5%
Maximum output efficiency 97% 97%
Night time power consumption <1W <1W
THD <5% <5%
Operating temperature range -40℃ to +65℃
Dimensions (WxHxD) 165mm×176mm×38mm
N.W 0.9kg
Waterproof level IP65
Topology With transformer type
Cooling Self-cooling
Communication Mode 433MHz communication mode (*Note: You need to buy another WiFi data collector)
Power transmission mode Reverse transfer, load priority
Monitoring System Lifetime free
Electromagnetic compatibility EN50081.part1 EN50082.part1
Grid disturbance EN61000-3-2 Safety EN62109
Grid detection DIN VDE 1026
Certificate CEC, CE National patent technology
Warranty period 12 months

Tips: Too far grid-connected distance leads to voltage rise of on grid inverters

If the distance between on grid inverters and grid-connected points is too far, the voltage difference at the AC terminal side of the solar on grid inverters will increase. When the voltage range of grid-tied inverters exceeds the prescribed grid-connected voltage range of the inverters, the inverters will show the overvoltage of the grid. In addition, the long, thin, winding or irregular material of the cable used to connect the inverters to the grid will lead to the increase of voltage difference at the AC end of the inverters, so the selection and rational layout of the cables are particularly important.

In view of this situation, the first thing is to check whether the grid-connected distance is too long, and the best way is to select the near grid-connected scheme. Secondly, to check the cable distribution and quality, and to select reasonable wiring mode and qualified AC cable.

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