4 Uses of Solar Energy

If we think ahead, we shall see solar system to be used in many different fields other than what we see nowadays, we are likely to see what follows:

1. The solar system will strongly contribute in energy generation mix, It will jump to be used as priory (economical and technical) more than other traditional energy generation sources.

2. New solar technologies will be recognized will more efficiency, ability to installed in more multiple locations, and to provide more tolerance to generate electricity in shading conditions, also to be easily integrated in many different applications.

Use of solar panels

3. We shall see new solar technologies which allows integration of solar into some materials, like paints and fabrics.

4. We shall see a huge increase in solar storage system capability, and it will be more compact, this will greatly maximize solar usage in night times, and low sun light times. Generally, using reliable, efficient, and cost effective batteries will push solar system industry to be used in many different life aspects as we never see before. For example, using solar system to store energy in batteries, and then this stored energy will be used in vehicles, and other systems.

You may imagine that this may not be fetched in the future, but we confirm you that it will be reached in very near future, as simply many of these technologies are actually under trails in laboratories, and the manufacturers/expertise's have already achieved a great progress. The one obstacle in such progress way, is the cost barrier, but this will be surely covered and returned back with high profits after the implementation of these technologies on the land, and to be used in the market.

From the history, it is proven that solar panels power inverter costs have fallen dramatically although of glitches and bumps solar industry faced, the solar panel price has fallen from 6USD per one watt in 2007 to 1USD per one watt nowadays, and the analysts expect more cost reductions will be achieved in very near future with more researches taking place, of course this will encourage using solar industry in all our life styles, so we confirm that solar will be the future of all the human beings.

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