Solar Energy Advantage and Disadvantage

The sun is the greatest power source at all, as the sun energy we receive in one hour could cover our global energy needs for an entire year, but unluckily we are not able to harvest a fraction of this energy! Through solar panels we are just able to convert very small amount of sun energy to electricity. However solar panels power inverter technology has been developed in recent years drastically, providing higher efficiency solar panels, and we are sure there will be continuous improvements.
Let’s us summarize the pross and cons of the solar energy.

The working principle of solar heated collector and photovoltaic cells
Solar energy advantages:

They are mainly 5 advantages as following:

  • Solar energy is a renewable energy source, we can get it in any place of the world, and it will not be ended.
  • Solar energy helps in reducing the electricity bills via implementing solar panels system, moreover there will be possibility to get payment from the electric utilities for surplus electric energy you will export to the grid if your solar panel system generates more electricity that your needs.
  • Solar energy is used in diverse applications, like generating electricity as in phot-voltaic system, generate heat as in solar thermal systems, powering satellites in the space, and much more.
  • Solar energy systems does not need maintenance, because they usually do not have moving parts, like photo-voltaic systems, they just need cleaning from time to other.
  • Solar energy sciences are advancing and improving not every year, but even every month, so we expect high improving in solar panels industry in near future so can get increase in solar panels systems inputs and outputs powers accordingly that may reach 3-4 times the existing technology powers.

Solar energy disadvantages:

They are mainly three disadvantages as following:

  • Solar energy systems is still fairly expensive, like solar photovoltaic systems (solar panels, power inverter, batteries, wiring etc.), but with technology development, the prices will go down in near future.
  • Solar energy is weather dependent, as in cloudy days, the solar systems efficiency will drop, we cannot get solar energy at the night.
  • Solar energy system needs large specs, as in order to produce more electricity, you will be needing to install more solar panels to collect much sunlight, but these solar panels require large specs, so you may be not able to get required electric energy from only your roof if you decided to install photovoltaic system on it.
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