5000 Watt Off Grid Solar Inverter Charger, 48V

This 50Hz/ 60Hz low frequency inverter charger with 5000W (7000VA) power rating, battery charging, LCD display info status, AC charge current 0-30A adjustable. Buy a 48V DC to 110V/ 230V AC pure sine wave off grid solar inverter on online store.
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Favorable price 5000 watt (7000VA) off grid solar inverter is a pure sine wave power inverter that has a built-in 0-30A adjustable charger, transforms DC 48 volt/ 96 volt to AC 110V/ 220V/ 230V, LCD digital display show voltage, load and battery info in real time.


  • Pure sine wave output for compatibility with loads of different types
  • Visualization of operation status of the equipment through a digital LCD
  • Automatically transfer between battery and line modes
  • Pure sine wave output (THD < 3%) for wide range of applications and harsh environment
  • A wide range of input voltage, accurate output and all automatic voltage stabilization
  • Overall protection functions (battery overvoltage protection, battery under voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection)

Parameter List

Model ATO-OGI-5000
Rated capacity 7000VA
Rated power load 5000W
Size 620*270*220mm
Net weight 43kg
Input DC input  DC 42-60V (48V)/ DC 84-120V (96V)
AC input  110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC (Same as the output voltage)
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz±5% (Auto)
Output Voltage 110V/ 120V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V AC (optional)
Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz±5% (Auto)
Wave form Pure sine wave
Transfer efficiency ≥85% (full load)
Wave form distortion factor ≤3%
Output power load factor ≤0.8
Protection Overload capacity 105-120% at 30s; 120-150% at 10s; >150% at 5s
Low voltage DC 10.5 (12V)/ DC 21 (24V)/ DC 42 (48V)/ DC 84 (96V), Alarm and shut down
High temperature 85℃, Auto shut down after alarm
Short-circuit Automatic shut-down
Over voltage DC 17V (12V)/ DC 33V (24V)/ DC 66V (48V)/ DC 128V (96V), Auto shut down after alarm
Grid charge Charge current 0-30A adjust (It's the current range for charging the battery under (AC) commercial power preferred mode)
Function Setting Time & date setting, Contrast, Brightness, Sound, Voltage switch, Grid charger, Clear records, Reset
Work mode Grid fist/ battery first/ standby mode
LCD display Record (fault record), system information
Others Switch time ≤4ms
Cooling method Fan
Noise <60 dBA
Protection grade IP30
Working temperature -10~50℃
Environment Humidity 10%~90% (No condensation)
Working elevation <3000 (>1000m, derating)
Certificate CE, RoHS
Warranty period 12 months

Inverter for Solar Panel System

700 watt to 6000 watt off grid inverter system

Tips: The battery of 5000 watt off grid inverter is unable to be charged, how to solve?

Fault analysis:

The battery is charged through the photovoltaic module and controller, or through the mains supply and controller.

Possible reason:

A: Component reason: The component voltage is not sufficient, the sunshine is low, and the component and DC cable are not well wired.

B: The battery circuit is not well wired.

C: The battery has been fully charged and reached the highest voltage.


A: Check whether the DC switch, terminal block, cable connector, component, battery and so on are normal. If there are multiple components, they must be tested separately.

B: When the battery reaches full charge, it can't be recharged. However, the voltage is different when different batteries are fully charged. For example, as to the battery with a rated voltage of 12V, the voltage is between 12.8~13.5V when it is fully charged, which is related to the electrolyte proportion when the battery is fully charged. The maximum pressure limit should be adjusted according to the model of the battery.

C: Input overcurrent: The charging current of the battery is generally 0.1C-0.2C, and the maximum does not exceed 0.3C. For example, as to a lead-acid battery 12V 200AH, the charging current is generally between 20A and 40A, and can not exceed 60A to the maximum. The component power must be matched to the controller power.

D: Input overvoltage: If the component input voltage is too high, it is required to check the voltage of the battery panel. If it is really high, the possible cause is that the number of strings in the panel is too large, and the number of strings must be reduced.

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PDFOff Grid Solar Inverter User Manual

Existing reviews
Inverter with features that exceed my expectations
Value for money for medium-sized applications. I am a retired power conversion engineer and was looking for a cost effective and reliable system. So far, it has exceeded my expectations.
Perry DEO | 4/27/2022 3:07 AM
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Powerful and reliable.
Just received this off grid inverter. Feels sturdy and well assembled. I have installed it. So far it works as expected maybe even better. I can say I strongly recommend it for your project. Buy it and have no regrets.
Gonzalez Antonio | 4/21/2022 7:13 PM
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So far working well.
So far it looks well-built and made of quality parts. I have never before had an off grid inverter last for over 9 months and am proud to recommend to you this unit which will keep you on line for a trouble free power source!
Seaman Antonio | 4/20/2022 11:38 PM
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This is the best and most awesome 5000w solar inverter
I have used many types of solar inverters. This is the best 5000w solar inverter I found on the market. This 48V solar inverter is awesome. It works everything I need to do.
Dyoung Dyoung | 9/17/2021 2:13 AM
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