60 hp Vertical Centrifugal Pump

60 hp vertical centrifugal pump adopts single stage stainless steel impeller, has the same diameter of inlet and outlet 125mm (5 inches), maximum flow 180m3/h (793 gpm), maximum head 76m (249ft), optional input voltage AC 240V/ 380V/ 400V/440V to 480V and optional input frequency 50Hz/60Hz. Three phase 60 hp centrifugal pump can be used for long-distance water delivery, pipeline pressurization, high-rise building pressurized water supply, etc.
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60 hp vertical centrifugal pump with 180m3/h maximum flow, 76m maximum head and 125mm diameter of inlet and outlet.


  1. The centrifugal pump has the vertical structure. The diameter of the inlet and outlet are the same. And the inlet and outlet are on the same center line, so that the vertical centrifugal pump can be installed in the pipeline like a valve. If a protective cover is added, it can be used in the open air.
  2. It is easy to install and maintain. No need to dismantle pipeline system, just lifting off the conjunction flat nut of vertical pump. Then all the rotor parts can be taken out.
  3. Vertical centrifugal pump can be operating in series or parallel connection according to the requirements of flow and head.
  4. Vertical pump can be installed in vertically type or horizontally type according to the requirement of pipeline system.


Model 125-250A
Weight 415kg
Size 600*570*1080mm
Power 60 hp (45kW)
Phase 3 phase
Input voltage * AC 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 480V
Input frequency * 50Hz, 60Hz
Flow (min. flow to max. flow) 90m3/h (396 gpm, American system) 150m3/h (660 gpm, American system) 180m3/h (793 gpm, American system)
Head (max. head to min. head) 76m (249ft) 70m (230ft) 64m (210ft)
Efficiency 74% 74% 74%
Inlet diameter 125mm (5 inch)
Outlet diameter 125mm (5 inch)
Installation mode Vertical type or horizontal type
Nominal diameter of impeller 250mm
Pump type Booster pump
Number of stages Single stage
Motor type Y/Y2 series motor
Motor speed 2900rpm
Impeller material 304/316 stainless steel
Seal material 304 stainless steel, tungsten carbide, fluorine rubber
Inlet max. pressure 1MPa (145 psi)
(NPSH)r 5.5m
Usage Water, or liquids compatible with pump component materials.
1. The volume of solid particles should be less than 0.1% in unit volume, and the granularity should be less than 0.2mm.
2. The temperature should be lower than 60℃.
Environment Temperature: <40℃, humidity: <95%, altitude<1000m
Warranty 12 months

Vertical centrifugal pump dimension (unit: mm):

Boundary dimension Installation dimension Flange dimension
L B H C1*B1 A C2*B2 4-Φd1 ΦD ΦD1 n-Φd
600 570 1080 250*300 150 200*240 4-Φ22 Φ250 Φ210 8-Φ18

vertical centrifugal pump dimensional drawing
Tips: How to accurately select a centrifugal pump?

  1. The flow refers to the amount of liquid flowing through the pump outlet per unit time. Generally, it adopts the volume flow. The flow is one of the important performance data in selecting the pipeline pump, which directly affects the production capacity and conveying capacity of the entire device. For example, the design institute can calculate the normal, minimum and large flows of the pipeline pump in process deign. In selecting the pipeline pump, the maximum flow should be regarded as the basis, with the normal flow being considered. When there is no maximum flow, 1.1 times of the normal flow can be taken as the maximum flow.
  2. The head is the energy increment of the unit component transporting liquid from the pump inlet to the outlet. The model selection shall be made with 105%-110% enlarged head.
  3. Liquid properties include the names, physical properties, chemical properties, and other properties of the liquid media. The physical properties include the temperature c, density d, viscosity u, solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium and so on, which are related to the head of the system, the calculation of effective cavitation allowance and the type of suitable pipeline pump. The chemical properties mainly refer to the chemical corrosiveness and toxicity of the liquid medium, and they are indeed important basis for selecting the pipe pump and the shaft sealing type.
  4. The piping layout conditions of the equipment system refer to the liquid transmitting height, liquid transmitting distance, liquid transmitting direction, low liquid level of the suction side, high liquid level of the drainage side and some other data, as well as the pipeline specification, and its length, material, pipeline specification, quantity and so on, so as to carry out head calculation and NPSH verification.
  5. Operating conditions have many contents, such as the operating saturated steam force of the liquid, the suction side pressure (absolute), the drainage side vessel pressure, altitude, ambient temperature, intermittent or continuous operation, and fixed or movable pipe pump position and so on.

In addition, each pump has a specific characteristic curve, which indicates the functional section of the referral application. It is called the working range of the pump. In selecting the pump, the working points of the pump must fall within the scope of work to ensure economical and safe working. In addition, when the same pump transports liquids with different viscosities, the characteristic curve also changes accordingly. In general, the characteristic curve given by the pump manufacturer mostly refers to the characteristic curve when the clean cold water is delivered. As the viscosity of the liquid increases, the head and power of the centrifugal pump decrease, and the shaft power increases.

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