Blog Posts of '2020 May'

How to Choose the Best Solar System Components Brand?
In the market you will find many numbers of companies that provide solar components, and for each solar professional, you can take advice from, his certain recommended products, and each solar professional will provide very convincing reasons standing behind his choice. So which opinion you can trust, and which product is really the best?
How to Size Batteries and Charge Controller in Off Grid Solar System?
We need to calculate how much energy our loads will need per day, and this can be done simply by knowing the wattage of each device and how many hours it works per day, multiply the wattage per each device by its run time and add all the wattage hours for all device, so can get total energy required for your home per day. Due to losses & inefficiencies, we recommend to multiply total watt hour by 1.5 factor.
How to Calculate Your Solar System Payback Period?
Before implementing any type of solar systems projects, whether it is On Grid or Off Grid solar system, we need to calculate the return on investment of such project, and to be more specific, we need to calculate how much money we will harvest? In other word, how long does it take for the solar system project to pay for itself (payback period)? And what is the extra money we can get after the solar system project returned the expenditures we paid for it.