wind energy

Is a Wind Turbine the Right Energy Source For you?
A wind turbine is a type of turbine that uses wind energy as its power. Normally, when the wind passes through a turbine, almost half the air is forced to stay around the blades instead of passing through them, and the energy in these winds is lost. The installation of wind turbines on building is not trivial, it requires careful consideration and a special mechanical study. The safety is also paramount before erecting a generator with blades that spin over 600 rpm.
The Efficiency of Wind Turbine in Different Direction
Wind energy is one of the most promising renewable energy sources in the world today. Therefore, how to increase the power generation of downstream wind turbines is one of the most important research topics in recent years. Recently, extensive experimental and numerical studies have been conducted to examine aerodynamics of wind turbines and wake interference among the multiple wind turbines. In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the basic physics of higher total power generation and better durability of wind turbines.
Types of Wind Energy
The wind is a renewable energy source caused by uneven heating on the earth's surfaces by the sun. Wind power refers to converting the kinetic energy of wind into electricity. It is a kind of clean and pollution-free renewable energy, has been used by people in the early time, mainly through the windmill to pump water, grinding surface and so on. Using wind power to generate electricity is environmentally friendly, and the wind energy accumulation is huge.