Buy Best Solar Inverter for Photovoltaic System

When sizing the solar photovoltaic system, we should mind some logic important factors that have substantial effects on solar system itself and our electrical appliances/equipment:

1. If we don’t use the electricity generated from the solar photovoltaic system during the daylight hours instantaneously, it will be exported back to the power grid if we have grid tie solar photovoltaic system type.

2. If the loads power capacity of the solar inverter during 6.5am to 5.5pm period is 3-4kW, this means that solar photovoltaic system absolute minimum capacity would be 4kW, and for better and stable performance it should be larger, because it depends on how many hours will each load need to run during the day.

3. The power generated form the solar system and the power required for your load almost will never be identical, and the solar system energy generation in summer is roughly double the energy generated in winter.

Single phase grid tie solar inverter

There are good reasons for buying larger power capacity of solar inverter for your photovoltaic system, like the solar inverter generates larger power, it will be able to handle our electrical appliances peaks, and will give us larger saving in electricity bills. Moreover, when buying, you will find there will be good rebates for buying larger system in the market, so for little extra money you can buy much bigger system (more economically feasible).

Larger power capacity of solar inverter for solar system will produce more electrical energy which can be sold back to the grid and provide us credits that can partially or totally pay for our energy consumption from the grid at night hours. Also, this extra power can be used to charge our electric car, or charge home batteries. And what encourages us getting larger photovoltaic system is that quality solar panels lifespan is 25 years and more, so no worries.

Large households having high power demand during daylights, are ideal candidates for installing large solar photovoltaic system. They can choose solar inverter with large power capacity for their solar photovoltaic system. So the electric utility will allow them to install maximum solar system capacity on their roof, and they will get maximum financial saving as we described above, while small households will not be allowed to get such chance and smaller photo voltaic system will be more appropriate to them. The solar inverter with small power capacity is better for their solar photovoltaic system. 

Lastly, we have 3 different solar inverters types: Central inverter, string inverter and micro grid inverter. The 1500W single phase grid tie solar inverter and the 2000W single phase grid tie solar inverter provided by store are all string inverters. The best choice for any of the 3 inverters is based on our circumstances, as when our roof has significant shading, it’s better to use string inverter or micro grid inverter.  And when our roof has significant shading and many different orientations, it’s better to use micro grid inverter.

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