Differences Between Vertical and Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps

From the perspective of the selection, most people would like to use the horizontal centrifugal pump, mainly because the horizontal pump has simple overhauling and maintenance. The vertical centrifugal pump is troublesome in repairing, and it needs to be lifted in maintaining every time. Moreover, the long-axis pump needs to change the sliding bearing under the liquid after being used for a long time. If it is not replaced, the possible consequence is that the centrifugal force of the shaft is getting larger and larger, and the value of the shaft jump is increased. If it is not replaced in time, it will cause a mechanical accident. Moreover, in installing, measures should be taken to guarantee absolute levelness. Now that there are so many shortcomings, why would the operator still choose the vertical centrifugal pump?

The vertical centrifugal pump is usually used in the working condition of unable to have flow backward and install underground, or when there is no empty site as the foundation of the horizontal centrifugal pump, the vertical centrifugal pump can only be placed on the tank.

If the self-suction ability of the ordinary horizontal pump(not the self-suction pump) is very poor, the media is fundamentally unable to be extracted from the tank. Therefore, the horizontal pump and vertical pump are incomparable.
Centrifugal pump

The specific differences between vertical centrifugal pumps and horizontal centrifugal pumps are as follows:

  • Different appearance. The vertical pump is vertical, but the horizontal pump is horizontal.
  • Different connection means. The vertical pump is superposed from bottom to top, and the horizontal pump is arranged on the basement in the vertical direction.
  • Different covering space. The vertical pump covers a small area, but the horizontal pump covers a big area.
  • The difficulty of maintenance is different. It is difficult to repair the vertical pump. In case of a maintenance, the impeller can be repaired after removing all upper parts. However, the horizontal pump is relatively easier.
  • Different installation means. The vertical pump is in overall connection, and the installation is rather easy. However, the horizontal pump has to be conducted with the accuracy adjustment after installation.
  • The pipeline arrangement has different requirements. The vertical pump can adopt vertical and horizontal installations of the pump. The inlet and outlet of the horizontal pump can be installed at 0/90/180°.

Application scenes of the vertical centrifugal pump and horizontal centrifugal pump

The vertical centrifugal pump is divided into the vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump and the vertical single-stage centrifugal pump. Generally, a vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump is used for a small-flow high-lift centrifugal pump (commonly used in a building water supply system), and a single-stage centrifugal pump is generally used in conditions with rather balanced flow and lift (commonly used in closed circulation system).

The horizontal pump is used in conditions with big flow and small lift(commonly used in the building air-conditioner system). This centrifugal pump occupies a lot of space. The vertical single-stage centrifugal pump adopts the pipeline installation and can be directly installed on the pipeline, thus occupying no great space. However, the pump power generally does not exceed 75KW, otherwise, the pipeline may have a relatively large.

The horizontal centrifugal pump is required to install the basement. In normal conditions, it is the single-stage end suction port/double-suction pipeline downwards inlet and upwards outlet/horizontal inlet and outlet. The inlet pipe diameter is larger than the outlet pipe diameter. The power can be very high. Its efficiency is higher than the vertical pump, and it has a smaller shock on the pipeline. As to the big pump, it is usually recommended to adopt the horizontal type.

In short, the vertical centrifugal pump does not occupy a large space, but the power is not suggested to be too high. The horizontal type occupies a large space, but the efficiency is high, and the power can be very high.

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