How to Avoid Shading of Solar PV System?

When installing solar photo-voltaic (pv) system on the roof of your new home, you need to be careful about shading.

The best and easiest time to install solar pv systems is when building or buying a new home, as you will easily add its price to your capital costs. A solar system is the only item in your home that will pay for itself in a few years and, when you decide to sell your home, a solar pv system will add considerable value to its selling price, which is why solar pv systems are worth looking at from the start. Solar pv systems can survive for many years, there are literally systems that have been working for 30 years or more, generating electricity every day, and of course these are made with high quality materials and manufactured to standards.

One of the main factors affecting the amount of electricity generated by a solar system is shading, because the more sunlight there is, the more electricity is generated, while the more shading covers the solar panels, the less electricity is generated.350 watt solar micro inverter

In fact, even small obstructions causing roof shading, such as chimneys or antennas, can have a significant adverse effect on the performance of solar systems. Also, the area where your home is located can affect the amount of shade due to tall trees and mountains, so you'll want to look around you when buying or building a new home.

The solution to the shading problem is to use a micro solar inverter, which is a new solar inverter technology that allows you to install one inverter for each solar panel instead of one large solar inverter for each string (number of solar panels in series), which will reduce power loss due to shading by more than 25%. Using multiple micro solar inverter instead of one large inverter will be more expensive, but will save a very large amount of power generation losses, which will replace this price increase and provide us with more results, so usingĀ 350 watt solar micro inverter in shading situations is much better than using string solar inverter or central solar inverter. So we recommend discussing this with your solar pv system installer to install the technically and economically best solar inverter for your situation.

This is all about how to avoid shading solar pv system, and if you still want to consult more information aboutĀ solar pv system, welcome to leave a message in the comment section.

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