How to Install Solar PV System on Flat Roof?

When Solar System company/installer design our solar photo-voltaic array, they specify two standard slopes: The first is the orientation which means the solar panels face direction, whether it will be to North, South, East or West, and the second is tilt angle which means the solar panel angel with horizontal surface "roof angle". Ideally, solar panels should face the south, and the tilt angle should equal to the solar system location latitude, so we can get maximum electricity production from our solar phot-voltaic system.

Solar Photo-Voltaic System Installed on Flat Roof

If our roof faces north or any other direction except south, the solar system will generate less electricity, also if our roof has a sloop “Not flat” much differ from the latitude, there will be less than ideal electricity generation. The result will be less electricity production over the solar system life span "20 years".

However, for flat roof, its flexible and the solar panel installer can face solar panels to south, also, they can mount the solar panel power inverter for the perfect tilt angle regardless of our home direction, and the result will be a better performance and high electricity production for our business or home installation.

Really, the flat roof is a perfect starting point for effective solar system installation for residential and commercial building, as we can typically install a standard frame for best optimization to idle ordination and tilt angle.

The installed frame on the flat roof and clamps will be designed to match roof profile providing water tight seal. Solar system installer usually makes the tilt angle between 20 and 25 degrees because if they make it less than 5 degrees, solar panels will collect more dusts over time, as the rains will Not flush such dusts easily in case of such low tilt angle, and in this condition, there will be more requirements for several maintenance and cleaning in order to achieve good solar system performance.

If you live in areas where houses have flat roof, it’s better to deal with your local solar installers because, they will have an excellent experience working with such system kinds. However, you should get different quotes from different solar companies to ensure you will get the right company with high experience and good knowledge.

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