solar pv system

How to Maximize the Use of Solar Panel?
Solar energy has made great progress in the past decade. With the decline of technology price, the demand for solar PV is also increasing. There are many reasons why people install solar PV, but most people see it as a way to help reduce electricity bills and carbon footprints. Once you have installed solar panels, it is important to understand how to make the most of them.
How a Grid-tied PV System Works with Hybrid Solar Inverter?
The system is widely applicable to all grid-connected properties, warehouses or commercial buildings. Our solution is designed for grid-connected installation with the ultimate goal to reduce the dependence on the supply of the grid and to maximize the self-consumption for the energy produced by the solar panels. In this article, we will explain in a very simple way and a few steps how a photovoltaic system can be integrated to your home when your home is connected to the national grid.
Will the Solar System be Noisy?
In normal operation and in general, the solar panels do not generate noise, as they are manufactured and designed to be noise free equipment, especially in night time, but even at day time where the sun hits the solar panel and it works to generate electricity, there will not be a noise.
How does Solar PV System Net Metering work?
Net Metering is one of the dominant arrangements the electricity company dealing us in billing when we install our new solar photovoltaic system. Under this arrangement, the electricity generated from the solar inverters and the solar photovoltaic system will go to feed our home (electrical loads) at first, and then the additional excess generated electricity which is not required by our home electrical appliances/loads will be exported to the power grid.
Should You Connect to Electricity Grid after Installing New Solar PV system?
In some kind of solar photo voltaic system called Off Grid system, your solar system will incorporate batteries that can feed your loads with electricity in case of low sun radiation and night time. But such batteries add a significant cost to your solar system, so it is usually recommended to be used in remote areas in where there is No regular electricity supply exists.
Right Selection of Solar PV System Net Meter and Gross Meter
The energy metering system is an important component in our solar system, because it tells us how much electricity our solar system generates, how much electricity our electrical appliances and equipment are using and the amount of electricity we are still buying for the power utility or export to the power utility after connecting our solar system to the power grid.
How to Install Solar PV System on Flat Roof?
When Solar System company/installer design our solar photo-voltaic array, they specify two standard slopes: The first is the orientation which means the solar panels face direction, whether it will be to North, South, East or West, and the second is tilt angle which means the solar panel angel with horizontal surface "roof angle". Ideally, solar panels should face the south, and the tilt angle should equal to the solar system location latitude, so we can get maximum electricity production from our solar phot-voltaic system.
PV Off-Grid Solar System Troubleshooting
The photovoltaic off-grid power generation system is mainly used to solve the basic electricity consumption problem for residents in areas without electricity or insufficient electricity. The photovoltaic off-grid power generation system is mainly constituted of the photovoltaic component, bracket, controller, power inverter, storage battery and power distribution system. Compared with the photovoltaic grid-connected system, the off-grid system has an additional controller and storage battery. In addition, the inverter directly drives the load, so the electrical system is more complicated. Since the off-grid system may be the only power source of the user and the user relies more on the system, the off-grid solar system design and operation must be more reliable.