How to Maintain the Centrifugal Pump?

The working conditions of centrifugal pumps are generally harsh. Affected by environmental conditions, mechanical vibration and other factors in the working process, its technical status will undergo different changes. The maintenance of the centrifugal pump is to tighten and adjust the place that should be tightened and adjusted before the normal technical state of the unit itself is damaged. In addition, it is necessary to change the lubricating oil promptly to maintain normal lubrication conditions; frequently observe various instrument monitoring devices. If any problem is found, the fault should be eliminated in time, so that the unit is always working in good technical condition. Only in this way can the service life of the centrifugal pump unit be prolonged and the unit can work with high quality and high efficiency.

Maintenance of centrifugal pump

  1. Vertical Centrifugal PumpWhen maintaining stainless steel centrifugal pumps, it is required to pay attention to the sound and vibration of the pump. If it is found that the sound of the unit is abnormal or there is a large vibration, it should stop immediately, check the cause, and eliminate it in time to prevent accidents.
  2. When the centrifugal pump is maintained, attention should be paid to the position of various instrument pointers. If there is a sudden change, check the reason. Usually, when the reading of the vacuum gauge rises suddenly, it is likely that the water level of the inlet pool drops too low or the inlet pipe is blocked by debris. The sudden drop in the pressure gauge reading is probably caused by a decrease in the speed of the power machine or air being sucked in the pump. After finding the cause, try to eliminate the fault.
  3. During maintenance of the centrifugal pump, the temperature and lubrication of the bearings should be checked frequently. For bearings lubricated with an oil ring, pay attention to whether the oil ring rotates flexibly. Bearing oil should be added in time to maintain proper oil volume. Too much or too little oil will cause heat. The oil quality should be clean. Generally, the oil should be changed every 200h-300h of the sliding bearing, but the oil should be changed at least once every six months. The rolling bearing should be checked and supplemented every 1500h. For new pumps, the oil should be changed in advance.
  4. When maintaining the centrifugal pump, pay attention to whether the pump stuffing box is normal. Water must drip out continuously from the packing (usually about 30 drops per minute). When too much or too little, the gland screws should be adjusted to make the packing just tight.
  5. During maintenance of the centrifugal pump, always check the inlet pipe and stuffing box for air leakage. If there is an air leak, the pressure gauge reading will drop and there will be abnormal sounds in the pump. At this time, measures must be taken to prevent air leakage, otherwise, the water output will decrease. In severe cases, there will be no water.
  6. When maintaining the centrifugal pump, always check whether there are floating objects near the water inlet pipe to prevent the water inlet from being blocked. When the water level of the inlet pool drops too low, the operation should be stopped, otherwise, the water inlet will produce a vortex, drawing air into the pump. For example, the water level of the inlet pool is low, but the pumping can be maintained. When drought resistance is urgently needed, a wooden board can be placed on the water surface where the vortex is generated to prevent air from entering the pump. This is conducive to the work of the pump.
  7. The belt drive unit should keep the belt working surface clean and dry. When the belt surface is shiny, it can be oiled after removing greasy and dirt on the belt surface to prevent the belt from slipping. In addition, it is required to pay attention to the tightness of the belt at any time.
  8. When a centrifugal pump is pumping water on a sediment-laden river, it should be noted that the sand content should generally not exceed 7%, otherwise, the pump efficiency will be significantly reduced, the flow rate will be reduced, and the flow part is easy to wear.
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