Centrifugal Pump Price List

Centrifugal pumps are used to transport fluids by the conversion of rotational kinetic energy to the hydrodynamic energy of the fluid flow. Its basic components are aCentrifugal pump high-speed rotating impeller and a fixed snail-shaped pump casing. Usually centrifugal pumps have impellers with several backward curved blades fastened to the pump shaft and driven by the motor to rotate at high speed along with the pump shaft. There are two ports on the pump casing, the inlet leading to the center of the impeller is connected to the suction line. The tangential side of the pump casing is the outlet, which is connected to the discharge pipeline.

Centrifugal pumps are widely used for water, sewage, agriculture, petroleum, and petrochemical pumping. The advantages of centrifugal pumps are high flow rate capabilities, abrasive solution compatibility, mixing potential, as well as their relatively simple engineering.

Inverter.com provides you two kinds of centrifugal pumps, horizontal centrifugal pumps and vertical centrifugal pumps, which are single-stage single-end-suction booster pumps. The following is our centrifugal pump price list for your reference. If you want more information, please go to our product's page.

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump
Rated Power SKU Price Weight Maximum Flow
1 hp (0.75kW) ATO-HCP-0750W $956.51 55kg 5.2m3/ h
1.5 hp (1.1kW) ATO-HCP-1100W $1,184.13 65kg 4.9m3/ h
2 hp (1.5kW) ATO-HCP-1500W $1,279.37 70kg 13.5m3/ h
3 hp (2.2kW) ATO-HCP-2200W $1,396.83 75kg 15.2m3/ h
4 hp (3kW) ATO-HCP-3000W $1,530.16 80kg 16.3m3/ h
5 hp (4kW) ATO-HCP-4000W $2,083.49 115kg 15.3m3/ h
7.5 hp (5.5kW) ATO-HCP-5500W $2,381.98 125kg 7.8m3/ h
10 hp (7.5kW) ATO-HCP-7500W $2,518.44 125kg 8.3m3/ h
15 hp (11kW) ATO-HCP-011KW $3,492.73 180kg 16.3m3/ h
20 hp (15kW) ATO-HCP-015KW $4,197.68 230kg 32.5m3/ h
Vertical Centrifugal Pump
Rated Power SKU Price Weight Maximum Flow
1 hp (0.75kW) ATO-VCP-0750W $897.77 55kg 5.2m3/ h
1.5 hp (1.1kW) ATO-VCP-1100W $1,054.74 65kg 4.9m3/ h
2 hp (1.5kW) ATO-VCP-1500W $1,136.53 70kg 5.2m3/ h
3 hp (2.2kW) ATO-VCP-2200W $1,225.73 75kg 8.3m3/ h
4 hp (3kW) ATO-VCP-3000W $1,358.42 80kg 16.3m3/ h
5 hp (4kW) ATO-VCP-4000W $1,706.44 115kg 8.3m3/ h
7.5 hp (5.5kW) ATO-VCP-5500W $2,067.35 125kg 16.3m3/ h
10 hp (7.5kW) ATO-VCP-7500W $2,176.23 125kg 65m3/ h
15 hp (11kW) ATO-VCP-011KW $3,241.45 180kg 16.3m3/ h
20 hp (15kW) ATO-VCP-015KW $3,668.12 200kg 65m3/ h

Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to contact us.

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Could you please provide me the prices of intelligent pump based on pump types which is centrifugal pump and positive displacement pump
8/9/2022 5:48 AM
Capacity of 93kW @ flow rate  104.5 l/s  ( 575KPA) prices