How to Select Good Quality Solar Inverter?

Solar Inverter is like any electronic device, it is built and sold based on its low price or high quality performance (high price), so the customer can take purchasing decision based on his requirements or budget. Generally, if you are not an electronic engineer, it will be difficult to know the solar inverter internal components efficiency which is the cornerstone for inverter quality and lifetime expectancy. Here, we shall provide two guides for you to indicate the good quality solar inverter even you are not a specialist in solar system inverters industry.

First: Its solar inverter manufacturer size, commitment, experience, and transparency. Asking the manufacturer about whether he is one of the leading manufacturers, how long does he manufacture solar inverter and exist in the market? Does the inverter manufacturer continuously develop his product over years? Does he provide long warranty and fair conditions? Will he actually repair or provide a new inverter free of charge if any fault happened during warranty period?

The answers for these questions playing an important role in getting the good quality solar inverter, and it will be much better if you got them in written document, and to keep properly with your solar system receipts.

Second: It’s the high quality internal materials. We mean its construction and performance. 500w solar grid tie inverter can automatically adapt to different load power factor and synchronous high-frequency modulation. Has the inverter built in sealant and compact shape? Does the inverter have a good cooling system, and is it fan based or convection? Where the solar inverter made? And in case of faults, which company we could return it to? Does the inverter have many features or just basic ones?

500w solar grid tie inverter

For the solar inverter performance, its typically measured through its features, especially the conversion efficiency which simply refer to how much power will be lost during converting DC to AC electricity process. A solar inverter with a larger capacity should also give the efficiency value of a full-load operation and a low-load operation. Generally, the efficiency of inverters below the kilowatt level should be above 84%; 10kw should be above 90%, and the efficiency of the higher power inverter should be above 95%. The efficiency of the inverter has an important influence on the power generation system to increase the effective power generation and reduce the power generation cost. Therefore, we should try to choose more efficient products.

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